uh oh... do I want a zip clutch?

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  1. I spent the evening looking up entries in the search under "zip clutch". I noted that many of the entries were made in the midst of the July sales that I stupidly missed. I was wondering if those lucky ladies still use theirs? I'm thinking of picking one up..in gold hardware.. I would want it to carry maybe 5 cards at the most, couple of dollars, my phone, and my keys. Would this be the best for my needs?

    Also which colors is it available at this point in time? I would like to purchase this with my store credit at Bloomies. TIA!!:flowers:
  2. I got zip clutch in putty and I love it!! I think it's a very roomy and handy wallet. It has 6 cards slot and 6 compartments to put your money or just receipts, if you collect them :nuts:. I don't think you can put your keys or phone. I like it cause I can just carry it like a purse, very practical.

    The downside, it takes quite a room in your purse if you use it mainly as a wallet.

    I know most stores like Saks and Neiman they have zip clutch in black with gold hardwares. The last time I visited MJ store, they have them in black, putty, emerald, orange and red (I don't know what's the real name). Saks in SF has in putty, black, and emerald.

    Bloomingdales? I really don't know. They just opened a new one in here and I haven't got a chance to take a look. Call your local Bloomies!

    Goodluck and don't forget to post pics when you get them :flowers:

  3. Oooh..emerald with gold hardware sounds nice! I was thinking emerald, lobster red, navy, or black, but I actually think I do not want to go with black this time..:wtf:
  4. I think emerald is just too green for me. I know, it doesn't make any sense, but actually emerald looks nicer with gold hardwares than silver.
  5. Btw, speaking about zip clutch, I just went to Saks website and they have a the zip clutch in tapioca but why is it white? I had a Blake in tapioca and it was yellow. How come he picked the same name for two different colors? Weird.
  6. ^^I didn't know that! I think I'm starting to want it in either blue, red or purple..
  7. Blue will be very pretty with gold hardwares. Unfortunately, I went to MJ store and I was looking for the quilted zip clutch in midnight blue but the SA told me MJ didn't make bags in midnight blue anymore since it was an old season color :crybaby:. I think your best bet will be the red. Btw, where did you get the quilted card holder? I'm thinking to get one now too :nuts:, maybe in putty if they have one.
  8. ^^Bloomies!! And they did have a putty like color! I'm not certain if it was putty, but I can check later this week for you!
  9. Aww they don't make them in blue anymore?!
  10. I'm pretty sure they don't as I went to the MJ store and they told me they don't carry it anymore. I don't know about other retail stores like NM, Saks, or Bloomies. Maybe if you're lucky they might have it in like Nordstrom Racks or Saks outlet. I don't know if you want to try ebay. There are alot of fakes of midnight blue. Eluxury has the clutch in whiskey color so you can have a match color with your card holder.

    I'll try to go to Bloomingdales this week then to see if they have one in putty.
  11. If we are talking about full-price, there are many colors to choose from. =) Both Soft Calf and Quilted Zip Clutches are made in several colors every season. Which version are you interested in? I can list the colors by season for you. =)

    Bloomies tend to carry most styles and colors from MJ collection, you have lots of choices. =)
  12. Saks is not very good with colors most of the time. =)
    I'm told by MJ SAs that Resort 06's Tapioca is a creamy color, it should be similar to yours. The updated version shuld have some changes in hardware, suede lining, stitching, etc.
  13. I have the Emerald, purchased from Nordies, and I love the dark green color. The gold hardware indeed looks great on it. And of course I love the Amethyst color too. I'm not sure if you'll find a red or navy colored zip clutch, those colors are past season.

    I didn't think I was going to like the zip clutch but I've adjusted well to it. It really can hold a lot, and it's easy to find cards and papers in it quickly. I wish there were more CC slots.
  14. I'm not sure which one I like! But I would probably decide how the fabric looks like with the colors.
  15. I do like the patent though..