Uh-Oh! Did I just buy a super fake??

  1. Hi!

    I bought an MC speedy the other day off of ebay and I thought the colors checked out ok. I read the thread about naming the 33 colors and it prompted me to take a look at the pictures on the ebay auction again to see if I could name them all for fun... well, I think I see a boo boo on the purse I just bought!

    Look at the circles directly to the sides under the green LV on the bottom row... do they look like they are the same color? Could it perhaps be the lighting? Maybe I should wait until I have the purse in my hands before I freak out??

  2. :biggrin: Don't freak out,the color looks fine, all the rest checked out,the two circles did not looked completely the same anyway.I'm sure you're fine:yes:
  3. relax, it's a lovely bag :smile:
  4. The circle on the left looks purple and the circle on the right looks blue to me.
  5. Relax untill you get the bag. The colours lok quite good actually. Maybe it really is the lighting.
  6. Real :smile:
  7. Looks good to me too!:smile:
  8. It looks beautiful to me :love:
  9. Definatly real!
  10. its really difficult to imitate or fake the multicolor due to their color process....so if you did get a fake I'm pretty sure I few of the PF'ers would notice it right away~
  11. looks good to me!
  12. Beautiful. Maybe it's your screen, try to brighten it up a bit =)
  13. Looks great to me! But all the same I would still recommend getting it authenticated at LV.
  14. Yay! thanks ladies! I'll definitely take it to LV to have it authenticated