Uh oh, did Hermes decided to stop making regular birkins & kellys for Fall 2007?

  1. i just finished viewing the entire collection on style.com and noticed that aside from one kelly showned at the opening shot, there were no others featured throughout the whole collection. just a bunch of "hand-warmers", mini JPG kellys and kelly flats. the only birkin shown was in the last shot - where JPG takes his bow!:wtf:

    omg, what's going on?!? are they just trying to promote the new designs or put a temporary halt on production for regular birkins & kellys altogether? i know there's rumors of a low volume of acceptable croc skins, etc but say it isn't so... i didn't even see non-exotic versions...:sad: :cry:
  2. Oh, I thought you were making a joke thread!

    Noooooooo, they would never do that, would they? I think the crowds would stampede Madison Avenue and riots would start. No, no, no. It would be a travesty!
  3. lol - now i'm not that mean... i'm actually kinda worried.:s you should see the furrow on my forehead right now. i'm just hoping that someone ANYONE can confirm whether or not this is true. maybe one of the H employees or VIP's?:shrugs:

    i'm going to have nightmares tonight.. i just know it.:sad:
  4. :wtf:
  5. no need to worry, folks! remember they just had podium in february for fall/winter, and i've been told by my friendly SAs that there are indeed "regular" birkins and kellys one can order for fall.

    usually the runway shows showcase what's new for the season, they keep their "regulars" out of the shows for the most part..from what i've seen.

  6. ^^^true. can you imagine if they were discontinued, even for a season? how much do you think resellers would start charging for a 30cm Togo Birkin? :sweatdrop:
  7. As much as people are prepared to pay, I expect, which would close the door quite effectively to a quite large percentage of the current H owner panel.
  8. No, they didn't. You can always order a regular Birkin or Kelly at podium or thru special order. Plus, they will have them in the stores throughout the year.
  9. :nuts: No, never!
  10. No, No, No!