Uh-Oh, defective Alma?

  1. Oh Dear God No. Today is the first day that I have used the white epi alma in sig. I don't have it overstuffed, plenty of room inside, but when it's zipped, the zipper is like way wavy, all over the place. Don't have camera or would take pics...

    wow. I only have an epi noe, so I've never seen how epi responds with a zipper? Is this normal or do you knowledable girls think it's a defect (please no:sad:) I am NOT a returner, and do not want to return this all the way to Hawaii, but will if I must:cursing:

    Any light from people who own almas, especially epis, would be helpful. Does your epi alma zipper wave back and forth and stick up and down when zipped, or does it lie flat?:sweatdrop:

    Thanks much!
  2. She can be wavy if you overstuff her or if your stuff is bulky toward the top. Take you bag (with all the stuff in it) and lay her on the side and shake her side to side a bit to redistribute your stuff. It is definately the way things are placed in there. Just this second I opened my Alma and bumped my bulky LV sunglass case to the top (balancing it on top of my wallet) and rezipped and I can create the wavy zipper effect. Redistribute your stuff and all will be well!
  3. A whole new thread can be titled, "Why do LV sunglasses have such fat cases?"!!!!
  4. Oh whew! Thank YOU SO MUCH designing style. Yes, I have bulky items in there, will redistribute, my first alma, so ya know... kinda nervous...

    thanks again and have a great day!

  5. Your Alma is gorgeous! Love the color. I think I would be happy to just own Almas and Roxburys! They are the Queens of LV!
  6. Nope sweetie, YOU are the queen of LV...heehee... that colllection of yours....OMG:woohoo:
  7. I know is isnt part of the thread per say but AMEN...I dont mind the fat case sometimes but they should at least sell an alternative or something ...if they do I have never seen it...and it would be a way to milk more money out of hapless LVers...I mean they have the glasses case but it only comes in mono :sad:

    incidentally according to my sister it is the distribution of stuff she said she had to get used to arranging stuff in hers ...she has done it so much that now she does it on instict...lol...I dont know if thats a good thing or a bad thing......
  8. I had the same problem when I first got my (damier) alma. I suppose it happens on any of the curved zippers, because the cosmetique case does the same thing....if there's too much stuff in it, it gets wavy.
  9. Like DesigningStyle said, it may be because of the way your stuff is distributed in the bag...Placement is very important in almas, so try to keep your heavier and bulkier things at the bottom and small loose stuff on top, but don't overstuff. It should be fine! If the zipper is completely straight when the bag is empty, then your alma is fine and it's just because of the way your things are placed in the bag ;)
  10. Oh, you guys are GREAT! I had no idea placement was so important in an alma, you don't have that problem with Noe's.. the zipper is straight when all is out, sooo, guess what, I have too much stuff...lol... okay, bulkier things at bottom and lighter at top... thanks iluvvuitton, and buttons, I know, I said it was my "grateful" day, so I wore my cool D&G sunnies with the big case and there you go, ... wavy alma zipper.. oh well... I have a lot to be grateful for and I am. I'm grateful you guys helped me! Thanks so much! I got it now, no defects... whew...
  11. I Never knew all that?!
    Is this the same with the Lockit btw?
    Cause my Miroir Lockit was a little wavy by the zipper.
    Well anyway
    I love your Alma it's stunning! :drool:
  12. I don't think it is just the purses with curved zippers. I tried stuffing a Chanel sunnies case into a pochette acc. Don't try this at home. LOL I had to remove it as it also made the zipper wavy.
  13. LOL. Or designer cases in general!

    My friend had to recently buy a new bag because her Chanel sunnies in the case were too big with all her other stuff for her bag!
  14. Hi Veronika,

    I have the epi alma too, only mine is the Canelle (cinnamon) color. I noticed that when I zipped it totally shut, at the center, the zipper was not 100% even, but that's because the leather is stiff and the shape of the bag is rounded, so at some point (zip point is the softest), the bag has to "give". It's perfectly normal for an epi alma to do that. If you zip it so the pulls don't meet all the way, you will see less of a crooked zipper.
    Hope this helps. Its a fantastic bag that takes alot of abuse, and keeps its shape. Good luck !!
  15. When I first read this I thought "Oh no, not her Alma... the sig picture is too beautiful!"

    I'm glad you were able to fix the issue. It's such a gorgeous bag :heart: