uh oh..buyers remorse?

  1. i was prepared to put down 100, maybe 150 on a new pair of sunglasses, ive been wearing contacts for almost 2 years, and havent bought a real pair..like ever lol. but next thing i know im walking out of bloomies with 250 dollar chanel sunglasses! at first when i came hom and went on a coffee run with a friend i kind of freaked and then was like okay, i never spend on ymself, its all good, and then i was happy that i bought them..till tonight..now im rethinking, should i maybe go with some coach shades or something..i dont know what to do! this is why i dont spend money on myself lolllllllllllllllll. going crazy please help!
  2. Is it possible you're just not in love w/ them?

    I ask because I bought a pair of Pradas that I thought I loved. I wore them home from Saks and returned them the next day.
    I couldn't figure out why . . .
    I think I wasn't convinced{?}
  3. Hehe, if it makes you feel better, just return them! You can always buy them back if you get 'returner's remorse!'
  4. Listen to Gina -- she's totally right. It's not worth $250 to keep a pair of sunglasses (or anything) you don't adore. Return them, keep browsing for something better. If they're not perfect, why put them on your face?
  5. lol i love the way they look on me..i think? i really need to find my camera, i feel so glamourous inthem, and i havent felt that way, i dont know i think im just being my spazzing ocd self about this, maybe i can find my freaking camera tomorrow and you guys can tell me what you think?
  6. i think its not that i dont love them, but the whole money thing, like i can drop that much no problem without any major repurcussions or anything, its just its still like money lol, thats my thing, but i do love them lol i tried them on again even at night : )
  7. if you can seriously afford them then keep it. Don't feel guilty about spending money you honestly have to buy things that make you feel fabulous. That's the whole point of shopping :smile:
  8. lol thats true :smile: i do feel rather glamorous in them i have to say. i think ill just exchange them for a newer pair, becuase these didnt come with the cleaning cloth!:amazed: oh well another excuse to go there :smile:) thanks all. i guess ill have to start getting use on spending on myself! can you say retail therapy?