Uh oh... '04 METALLIC Magenta First with NO RESERVE!

  1. Good luck with the sale and good luck to anyone who plans on bidding. Very pretty and perfect for the upcoming holiday parties. :love:
  2. Thanks girls!!! I am hoping it sells this time. I bought extra tassels from bal NY to add to it or incase it doesn't sell I can put them on and keep it. LOL
  3. NO reserve? Aaiieee! And me with no $$... :crybaby:

    Good luck meemie, I am sure it will sell!
  4. I thought you loved it. GL with sale.
  5. ahh its soo gorgeaus!! ill keep a watch on this one lol
  6. Tura Satana, I love the color!!! But not as much as I like my bubblegum and I think I will use that more. Plus I was bad and bought another bag so one of them has to go....

    I swear it is like crack..... I promised I would buy only one.
  7. omigoshhh ladies..this is a great deal!!! a great price for a gorgeous bag!!!! :graucho: :drool: :love:

    goodluck meemie;)
  8. LOL Good luck Meemie!
  9. It's gone, did a PF'er get this bad girl?
  10. I was watching this! I was hoping that it would go for more- when I first opened the auction, it was only at $205 or so. This bag is so gorgeous, it's definitely worth more than that! Yayy it sold though! :smile:
  11. I am not sure if a pf-er got it or not. It is too funny really as I am sending the bag back to the person who sold it too me only for about $300 less. I guess she has 2 eBay accounts??? Oh well I am happy it sold!!! I was hoping for a bit more but that's the risk you take.LOL
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