Uh... I think the hayden harnett sample sale is up

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  1. I don't see anything that's a must-have, at least not with the myriad rules they've added to this sale.
  2. Nahhh, I am unmoved by this.

    Who wants to spend money on a bag that is a sample and CANT be returned for ANY reason. Not me :yucky:

    Edit: Blech, Im OUT! So I see the triple compartment mercer in ink in the "sample" section for less than $200 and the same bag is in the "20% off" sections for over $300. My decoding of this is that if you want to save a buck (or lots of bucks) to buy certain bags, you run the risk of doing so and receiving a crap bag. That you cant return. Uh. No. Thank you.
  3. I bought my friend a Saddle cuff when Delcina offered it as a weekly special, I liked it so much...I almost kept it! Glad to see it on this sale, I just snagged one! Wanted the black coat but they don't have my size, oh well. I grabbed a Hudson Hobo in vachette too! Off to check the sale once again...
  4. Some of the clothing looks cute but sample sizes run very small. This no return "as is" policy scares me too. The prices aren't worth writing home about either. I think after their big sale back in the summer that they got a little greedy and assumed we'd snatch up whatever they put on sale. Wrong. :lol:
  5. Not much to look at, unless they're adding more items after 11am? I bought an Olive Tassle for the Inka I bought at their summer sale. Sale went through so I guess it's "on"!!!
  6. Too many rules for me.
  7. Yeah, I'm too afraid with the "no returns" thing. I bought one purse at the Labor Day sale, fortunately they sent me two by mistake, because one was totally unacceptable. Not willing to take a chance. Too bad, because they look nice.