uh....Hermes is on thBe phone.

  1. Turns out the paparazzi leaked to H headquarters that Bex has filed for divorce and that you're the next Mrs. Beckham. They want to get a jump start on what you'll need to fill your closet with (only H of course) to be a proper "posh" replacement! Eegads!!!

    Let me think.

    lilac croc Jige
    black lizard medor with PH
    vert anis crocodile kelly longue with GH
    blue jean lizard drag bag with PH
    35 black chevre birkin with guilloche hardware
    35 cm barenia birkin with PH
    36cm fauve crocodile HAC with GH
    18k white gold H-our watch with diamonds and vert anis ostrich strap
    fauve crocodile jige
    black crocodile lindy specially made with HC closure! ha! :shame:
    crocodile pumps, slingbacks and boots in black, fauve, graphite, and beige.

    Get started!!! You have a list to make up and so little time! :upsidedown::wlae:
  2. 1) liposuction x10
    2) nose job
    3) the H list is way too long LOL
  3. all righty.
  4. This will require some thought...how about everything?
  5. :roflmfao: nope - you must be specific!!!!!!:lecture:
  6. oops wait HC may have made a mistake. seriously.

    what's that older model clutch that looks like an envelope that ilovemylife has a crocodile one??? isn't it called a lindy or something close? eegads look it's midnight. off to bed with me.

    help!!! i have to submit my list soon or i'll turn into a pumpkin!
  7. I would want a barenia bolide as well as a birkin.

    and maybe some croc. and ostrich and barenia.

    and one of those dogs that fits in your pocket
  8. Lydie--that thing is AWESOME. There's a lizard one on eBay right now actually.
  9. Lindy in every color (but my favorites would be raisin, cafe, rose shocking, parchemin, rouge vif, turquoise and graphite), clemence leather...30 cm for most and a couple in 34 cm like Hummingbird's.

    a violette croc Kelly, 28 cm

    rose shocking Jige, box preferably but what the hey I'd take gator too.

    Graphite Jige, any leather.

    Raisin box Kelly

    Rose shocking, black, and havane plume.

    Black, parchemin, and graphite massai

    Rouge H, blue jean and rose shocking trim

    Black croc and rose shocking ostrich Birkin, 30 and 35 cm (why the hell not, even if it's not my favorite bag).

    I'm not very familiar with RTW and shoes, but any shoe in black croc would be fab.

    Rose shocking and blue jean Karo.

    Tutankhamun scarf (beige colorway), feux du ciel (grey colorway)
    the entire spring 08 scarf line, all colorways. whew.
    Kelly de Caleche scarf
    Cosmos scarf, all white and beige related colorways

    any twilly that has pink or purple on it

    CDC bracelet and necklace

    enamel bracelets with pink or white

    A pair of travel Birkins in black togo

    ETA: that little horsie bookmark and possibly every baby stuffed animal ever made.

    Kelly Caleche perfume
  10. you go girl!
  11. woo-hoooo!!! now, THAT'S what Momma T.'s talking about!!!:tup::tup::tup:
  12. i want that horsie bookmark too please.
  13. what's the dog in the pocket??
  14. no I want one of those little dogs all the celebs have...that are like 2 pounds or something!
  15. I would much rather have a baby polar bear, or even a baby bunny...or maybe a teeny tiny kitty.