Uh...Don't Do That !

  1. That's just nasty! I can't believe that people think they actually looks good when they do that. Reminds me of Eminems wife/ex-wife/whatever.
  2. I can't believe I still see people walking down the street like this! Bizarro-world.
  3. Its sooo bad. Its more then bad. It looks like like someone played a joke and switched a eyeliner with a lipliner!!
  4. The scary part is that I am old enough to remember when many of those looks were considered "hip" :blink:
  5. There were a lot of girls in my school walking around like that. It was like a trend or something :huh:
  6. I do the big tennis shoe thing....the alternative shown on the site doesn't look like it would provide enough support for working out.
  7. Oh dear god, people are STILL doing that?????
  8. eeeeeeewwwww :sick:
  9. LOL that's what I was thinking when I saw that. I remember girls in junior high used to do their lips just like that :yucky:
  10. yep, i know people who got those lipliners permanently tattoo... kinda weird.
  11. lol. the website is pretty entertaining.
  12. Well, I agree with most of it, but please don't take away my fringe!
  13. Lined lips like that is the trashiest thing EVER!
  14. I can't stop laughing over here!!!!!!!!!! That is just awful! Does anyone else have any funny pics like that?