Uh Coffinbox Chanel + New shades!!

  1. Haha went for a themed party and my mom gave me this chanel wooden box thingie that reminded me of a coffin but it was pretty cool =p

    also, new chanel shades, but gosh, the side markings with the words 'chanel, made in italy' etc, rubbed off like after a few days.. which makes me wonder what's the difference between real and fake shades if quality sucks this bad.

    bought new gucci ones as well but no modeling pix, oh, and chloe ones too, which I think is uber cool :smile:
    wenstwentythird - 014.jpg wenstwentythird - 015.jpg wenstwentythird - 018.jpg junemayhem - 061.jpg junemayhem - 062.jpg
  2. oh and the chloe shades :biggrin: uhh hahah you can still see the sticker : o
    newshades!! - 2.jpg
  3. Kis - very retro! You're adorable.
  4. Really cute pieces! :smile:
  5. Chanel box .... reminds me of one of those old school lunch boxes I use to have. Except mine had a image of tracey dick. Lol ... love the shades~ oh and awesome peircings!
  6. that's VERY odd.
    I have been wearing mine for more than a year and nothing has rubbed off.
    Where'd she buy them.
    Cute box, never seen anything like that!
  7. I love the Chloe shades they are TDF!!
  8. Cute! Congrats!
  9. I love that box! So unique looking! I think Mariah Carey has one like it, I'm pretty sure I've seen photographs of her with it. Great sunnies too!
  10. I love the glasses! You are so cute!! Funky bag...
  11. love everything!
  12. ah that box is so cute!
  13. heheh thanks guys :smile:

    I bought the chanel shades from wynns macau

    gotta say thoh, that the chloe shades are awesome.. they kinda grow on you.. :smile:

    haha that box bag is at least a decade old I think :smile:
  14. Love all of them! Love the facial expressions
  15. Kis you are too cute!!!

    I didn't get to go to Chanel when I went to Macau!!! So lucky! I bet it was gorgeous!