ugly shoe!

  1. Don't you hate it when you see sneakers and heels combined:sad: ? Well, Fila decided to shove an acid green heel onto a football boot, big mistake! All of us women know that heels are heels and sportswear is sportswear, the two are not supposed to meet.
    What do you think?
  2. the only thing i think are uglier than those are those hiking boot/heels cross breed that was of the moment about two years ago. i can't find any pictures (thank goodness that means they're GONE!) but they were HIDEOUS.
  3. I wonder, if anyone would buy that.
  4. :sick::sick:
    hideous is the right word in this case!
  5. so ugly, where are you suppose to wear them? On the soccer field? Out and about?
  6. i know exactly what you're talking about i couldnt stand those! i couldnt find a pic of the heeled ones but i did find a pic of the wedges version still :sick::sick::sick: i never understood how those thing caught on and these sneaker heels are equally :sick:
  7. That is a strange shoe, who would want to wear that? I love all different styles of shoes but that is just not right.
  8. Fugly!
  9. woaah! those are seriously awful! the scary thing is someone must buy this sort of monstrosity, or the companies wouldn't carry on churning rubbish like this out ...
  10. Butt-ugly!
  11. these remind me of those manolo timbs, and sigerson morrison flip flops...

  12. ew
  13. Who were the designing geniuses that came up with that ?! They ought to be punished by having to wear them.. in public !!
  14. What The Hell Is That Thing? Okay For Real. I Just Ordered It I Couldn't Resist.:rolleyes:
  15. gaaaah! :sick: I think sneakers should be sneakers and heels should stay heels. This is worse than those pointy toed catepillar boot pumps... from 3? 4? years ago.