UGLY phone, UGLIER price..

  1. ehhhh it's not like it's the ugliest phone ever made :confused1: i do far prefer the silver version though. it's not like that's anywhere near the retail price, it's just an eBay auction gone mad/shill bidders having fun.
  2. :wtf: what is so special about the phone??!!?
  3. what's retail?? yea, the phone isnt ugly but the price is ridiculous
  4. Yeah it's not the worst looking one ever but completely not worth the price, IMO.
  5. must be made of real gold???!
  6. That is alot.
  7. ew, that is an ugly phone!!! ugly price too
  8. Ha, I have much more important things on my list to buy :shrugs:
  9. It's not too bad lol..I just hate the colour!
  10. DH wanted the silver one.. :biggrin: Not for that price, though.
  11. Eeek. I'm not a fan.
  12. gross. i hate nokias!
  13. Yuck those buttons look so 1980s phone style. Modern? I think not.
  14. Hate mine too?


    I don't get the 8800's price...there are a couple of versions and really, I don't see anything special about the phone... :shrugs: