Ugly Patina!

  1. I have never seen a patina look like that. :amazed:
  2. Wow, that's something. I saw a beautiful Speedy on Sunday this woman had, it was amazing, dark and even. I wanted to take pics it was so nice. LOL
  3. That's not patina, that's dirt!:sick:
  4. i dunno, doesn't look so bad to me especially for something i'm just going to use as a makeup bag...a little magic eraser would clean that right up. kind of an expensive starting bid price though for something so well loved. :smile:
  5. It's almost black !!
  6. It looks like someone dipped the leather in cooking oil and fried it. :Push:
  7. LMAO!:roflmfao::roflmfao:
  8. It does look pretty bad, I think the starting price is kind of high for something that looks likt that.
  9. hmm I love dark pantina's but that is defffinatly dirt. The straps look so dry also!
  10. ick!
  11. ick :sad: . I'm starting not to become a fan of vachetta. Please, Mr. Clean, come to her rescue! :yes:
  12. OMG! What could've caused such black vachetta? I don't think anything can save that poor bag. :sick:
  13. i would not bother cleaning, just replace.