ugly lvs

  1. Aren't these Louis Vuitton bags ugly?
  2. deff. not my cup of
  3. ohhh i must disagree. they are so beautiful in real life!
  4. It's much better IRL than pics. The leather just TDF
  5. agree. i love them.

    i especially love the mizi vienna :love:
  6. I guess I'm just not one for a bag that clasps like that :smile:
  7. You have to see them IRL. They are just STUNNING!
  8. No, they are so pretty IRL. So Chanel look!

  9. I think they're lovely actually.
  10. I've never seen them irl, but so mnay ladies here love 'em! Just ask lvaddict with her new beloved Vienna Mizi!
  11. they are beautiful!
  12. I love them!!! how come they are'nt on eluxury?????:heart:
  13. I also think they're gorgeous, if only for the leather texture.
  14. they were limited edition (and very hard....and get your hands on i think :Push:smile: but i agree that they're gorgeous IRL.........
  15. I love the first one.