Ugly Jeans Thread!

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  1. that drawing of the skull and bunny is so kindergarden. now why are we paying 200 for those?
  2. Ew. I hate light colored denim. The bunny and skull makes them even worse.
  3. [​IMG]

    basically the most unflattering cut of all time. Lee Jeans, $27.99.

  4. MOM JEANS..:blink:
  5. Mom jeans are the worst! :sick:
  6. agreed. its just something about the mile long butt and the severely tapered legs that make me a little sick
  7. Oh my god, those mom jeans are hilarious ! They remind me of these pants I had to wear for work.. the pants were shaped like a light bulb, and it CREATED fat where there never was before !
  8. I just got the bunny and skull bootcuts this weekend because I think they're soo cute and unique but to each their own => I'm not offended though, I'm glad I found a pair of COH that actually fit me.

    For me the ugliest jeans would have to be the 7FAM Great China ones
  9. the great china ones aren't that bad...but come on embellishment is nice but they definitely went overboard. i think the bunny ones are kinda cute :amuse:
  10. yea true, I think they would be so cute with just the little sunburst on the back pockets and I'm very tempted to just buy Havs and add the little sunburst myself
  11. MOM JEANS are the worst! LOL :lol:
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