Ugly fake Suhali Le Fab right in front of my nose!!

  1. I'm so p%&&ed off right now that I just HAVE to let it out! I was in a drugstore waiting in a long queue at the cash desk when I spotted sth weird and studdy-looking hanging off the woman's shoulder in front of me. It was a drop-dead ugly FAKE plastic "alligator", but almost exact replica of the Le Fab! :throwup::throwup::mad::rant: To make matters worse the line was so long that I was forced to stand behind that thing for ages.

    I'm just so mad because the Le Fab is favourite LV bag and my dream bag which I hope to own one day, and it really gets me angry that replicas like that are being produced so that people can go and say "oh, what a pretty bag" and pay like € 30 for a € 2500 bag without even knowing that it's a fake Louis Vuitton!

    Ahh, just had to let that out....thank for listening guys!
  2. Ick! i feel so sorry for you! i really wish there were Fake police out there and when they saw a fake they get it taken off them and get a fine!
  3. this is a joke, right?
  4. It burns me up to have to be in the presence of fakes. I know how you feel!
  5. I would have died. I don't get why people even buy fakes.
  6. That's nothing I saw my second black MC onion head alma:throwup:
    I first saw the white version...
  7. You are so right! I wish (and hope) that one day Fake Police will exist and do their job properly...:yes:
  8. No, this is not a joke. I wouldn't get all worked up if I was trying to invent a joke like this..:nogood:
  9. Ah...sigh...those ever-so-popular MC fakes! I hate them, esp. the white ones...
  10. Omggg poor you! And its not the mono speedy, but a SUHALI BAG! How sad...
  11. Omg.
  12. Blah... I would have called the fashion police and had her arrested! :p
  13. Exactly!!!!! Talk about Suhali bags being faked, OMG! :wtf: And this one was the right size with all the studs, metal corners, zippers and S-lock in the right places, it p!$$es me off so bad, seriously!! I couldn't believe my eyes!

    I'm seriously reconsidering purchasing the Le Fab (one day) as today has really ruined my perception on LV's most fabulous bag. I'm trying to imagine what if I had already owned the le Fab and was carrying it, and then I see some cheapo replica like that right in front of me, OMG :cursing: I think I would've taken her bag and wacked her over the head with it! (ok not really, but in my dreams...) :boxing:
  14. Yeah, we seriously need to gather a squad soon, these fakes are really getting at me :sick::death:
  15. i understand the pain of seeing a fake suhali. i was in SF waiting in line at borders and the girl had a black faux-hali with a couple rivets popped off! and the texture overall looked sooooooooo bad. why oh why?