Ugly Fake I saw!!

  1. Today at the 1L orientation I saw this woman carrying a VERY sad fake spy. It was horrible!!!!

    It was a square spy (I kid you not), with horrible leather, horrible material... So sad! :Push:
  2. oh my... if i could count all the fake spies i see.. most of which are pretty... blatent!! i catch myself staring!!! oops!!! i saw one that was this really bizzare striped with "wisteria" flowers on it in some mix of insane pastel colours... yikes..... sopmetimes i see them eyeballing my real spies.. i wonder if they even realise...
  3. I wouldn't think that the ladies who proudly carry blatantly obvious fakes would realise a real one if they tripped over it!
  4. i feel bad for them. :sad:
    ..hopefully they didnt spend like 3g's on them atleast.. haah
  5. I've seen bright yellow ones... they were kinda funny