Ugly Betty

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  1. I absolutely loved Ugly Betty last night!

    I even liked it better than The Devil Wears Prada movie!

    Not that they are too similar or anything, but they both involve assistants in the fashion magazine industry and ruthless bosses!

    I thought it was a fun show!:P
  2. I enjoyed it, too! Some of the characters were hilarious! I hope it's as good next week.
  3. I was looking forward to watching it, but didnt get a chance to! :sad:
    I was at a "grey's anatomy" watch party at a sorority house... of course we NO ONE was watching TV until Grey's! But it was on!
  4. I liked it, but it made me sad knowing that there are many girls (and boys) who are not "the ideal" and don't fit in who are treated poorly and it breaks their heart. But, they saved it at the end...
  5. me too:nuts: :nuts: !!!! Hilarious!! and the last part where the editor ( I think !, I am not sure ) who was supposed to be dead but wasn't..that got me confused as where the direction of the show is heading..but I soooo..look forward to seeing it next week before my fav grey's anatomy...
  6. I loved it too... To think they had this show in Spanish a few months ago and i never tuned in lol
  7. I loved it too...awesome show.
  8. I agree with you too Irishgal, my eyes did tear up during the show.
  9. So entertaining!! I loved Gina Gershon as the blonde Donatella. Selma steals the show everytime they show the telenova on TV.
  10. I'm so glad someone started a thread for this show! I love it as well and it is so refreshing to show a female with a real body as the lead on the television show. America Ferrera is fabulous even when they are trying to make her look homely. Thank goodness for TiVo- now I don't have to miss Ugly Betty or the Office.
  11. I thought this was a great show, and I definitely see the parallels with the Devil Wears Prada...maybe they will make her over during the season too? I think America is lovely!
  12. I thought America was brilliant in Real Women Have Curves, she is a total doll.

    BTW, isn't (or wasn't) their a show called Betty La Fea on Spanish TV? I remember seeing ads for it on Univision (I used to love watching the tacky game shows, even though I don't understand much Spanish)

  13. Yes, this is what it says on the "Ugly Betty" site--

    Based on "Yo Soy Betty La Fea," the groundbreaking Colombian telenovela that became an international phenomenon.
  14. Great show!!! Too many similarities to Devil/Prada movie in that first episode, IMO (even the song in the end) but def. cute and a MUST watch!:smile:
  15. such a fun show! looking forward to the upcoming episodes