Ugly Betty.... Looking Gorgeous !!

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    'Ugly Betty''s America Ferrera goes glam for a CosmoGIRL photo shoot, where the star talks about being a role model.

    America on her work: "I just try to make myself proud, being able to go to sleep and say, 'I'm proud of doing that' and not be ashamed. I kind of take it this way: If my mom can't be there while I'm doing it, then I probably shouldn't be doing it on camera. That's generally the rule."

    America on doing a magazine shoot: "I think that it's a great message, because I think that what the magazine tries [to do] is to create images and to try to make celebrities and people who seem like they're far off and in a distant land ... seem more human [and] more reachable."

    America on glamming it up: "It's a nice break from work, and I get to dress up and look all pretty as opposed to [getting] 'Betty-fied.' It takes me just as long to do either one. So this isn't the real version of me either, just as neither is Betty."

    America on feeling beautiful: "I actually feel so beautiful when I'm playing Betty. I really do. She has such a light and such a confidence that just comes out of her, and having to be in that character 15 hours a day ... I find that I'm a happier person because I have to be who she is most of the time."

    America on what she hopes audiences will take home from her hit show: "I think that you can't change reality, but you can change the way that you see other people. I think that it's not a lesson that we can teach other people, it's a lesson we have to teach ourselves."

  2. Ahhh - thanks for sharing!!
  3. She is amazing, I can't believe it took so long for her to become a household name. I still get misty eyed when I think about her "dad" being such a turd in Traveling pants, and smile when I think of her in Real Women.
  4. Great pictures - she is beautiful! Nice to see an actress that doesn't have plastic surgery, etc...
  5. She looks fresh!
  6. she's so sweet :love:
  7. She's so beautyful, who is she?
  8. Prada: Thank you so much for sharing! She is such a great actress and I hope her success just continues to grow.

    Angy: America is an actress who was in films such as 'Real Women Have Curves' and 'The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants' and now she is in the TV show Ugly Betty (Thursday's at 8pm on ABC) and she plays Betty
  9. Wow, that's amazing. She looks great. I love that show. Especially Vanessa Williams.
  10. She looks so pretty! I really liked her in the Traveling Pants movie. Very talented.
  11. How refreshing!

  12. Your welcome batgirl, she's such a cutie :heart:
  13. I really like her. She's talented and seems mentally sound, compared to a lot of other starlets. I really liked her a lot in "Traveling Pants". Kudos to her!
  14. She is so cute. I love that show!
  15. She looks great! And I really liked her in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants!