"Ugly Betty" has some ugly fakes

  1. From a few weeks ago- the character played by Vanessa Williams (Wilhemina Slater) takes a cell phone out of a front pocket of her leopard Polly- a pocket that shouldn't exist :roflmfao:
  2. :roflmfao:
  3. Omg..
  4. :wtf: I guess MODE magazine means MODified, as in, never existed :lol:
  5. I remember seeing that - I wonder why they do that....
  6. Props people buy off corners! A fellow designer friend of mine worked for Will and Grace and she bought fake jewelry, bags, etc from flea markets and off of corners all the time. Sometimes they got promo things from different designers but (and especially when a show is brand new) they have a strict budget.
  7. Hey, I had no clue. Where do they filmd Ugly Betty - is it really in NYC or out in LA?

    I love Ugly Betty BTW :love: That show & "Heroes" on NBC. :yes:
  8. I noticed this when it was on tv but chose to ignore it, i was like "No! I thought that Suhalili was real the other week but now the polly has a front pocket? AHh!
  9. I saw the Suhali too and was like :love: but this makes me go :throwup:
  10. The funny thing I notice is, that a lot of the faked stuff has more practical features:sweatdrop:, like zippers on a bucket, feet on a speedy, and pocket on a polly. I wish that the real ones had those.:yes::love: (especially zipped bucket, yummy)
  11. We need to start hiring the sweatshops to make our bags, :lol: