Ugly Betty Gucci 85th

  1. Cute show. I never watched Ugly Betty and tonight me and my dad did and it was great, even he laughed. They had the story revolve around (semi-revolve...wasn't the WHOLE plot) a Gucci 85th Anniversary Hobo. was cute. I wonder if people will buy that bag now more so. I went on Neimans and saw it..even tho I have before but now I kinda want one, lol. However, I like the Boston Bag style a bit more.

    I dunno, the episode just made me laugh. Some chick offered taquitos for it...the show really goes there. Cliche, Brave and witty. I dig it.
  2. I like ugly betty.
  3. I saw this one tonight too. Very cute!
  4. yes LOL i was like wtf? so i rushed over to and looked, lol. either way, it's obviously the price of 15 HMO pill refills LMAO.
  5. It starts here tonight in the UK i cant wait it looks hillarious! :biggrin:
  6. Yep, they did overinflate the price a bit ... but it was still a fun show anyway! I almost fell off the couch when Amanda was trying to pull the boots off another employee during the closet clean out scene.
  7. So could you gucci fans tell if they used a real bag or a fake for the show?
    I Love Amanda - she's FREAKIN hilarious
  8. Not that I know anything about fake/real Guccis, but from memory I'd say the fabric matched that in the picture linked to above, but I'm not sure about the handle.
  9. I haven't seen the show but I do have that bag in the black lambskin. I love it. It's very comfortable to wear.
  10. I'm just thinking - if it was an LV bag and even one stitch was out of wack those boys and girls on the LV board would know :smile:
    Wondering if the Gucci's are as keen.
  11. I LOVE Ugly Betty. Can't wait for the new season to start!
  12. Now Ill have to watch this.

    I do like the medium boston a bit more, but you cant go wrong with the hobo. I dont like that loud print though. Love the red guccissima one. I think its embossed on one side and smooth on the other? :drool:
  13. 1/2 the reason I love this show is because I am busy bag hunting during the show :yes: