Ugly bags: Which ones did you see?

  1. Post pics of any ugly bags you came across...

    I'll start:

    (pics from

    Too hairy for my taste :yucky:

    (pic from
    patchworkbal.jpg furbag1.jpg furbag.jpg
  2. Ahh I hate this one! :wtf: :yucky:
  3. the second one looks like a creature that could uncoil and bite you at any mninute!
  4. ^ hahaha :lol:
  5. I wish I had a pic of a fake LV I saw in a store last week. A teenager had it--multicolore white with more dang studs and leather bows on it and the worst combination of colors--all on a small handbag.
  6. :yucky: UGHHHHH! That spy esp looks like a squirrell w/handles!:wtf:
  7. hahaha, nice balenciaga and spy bags :throwup:
  8. ^^^Taco, that first one looks like they sewed together the scraps on the floor to make a bag!:yucky:
  9. Oh MAHAN.....I have to agree with Taco...that is HIDEOUS...(although I kind of like the one on the right....reminds me of bottle caps...he he)
    LV Spring 07 has some of the ugliest bags I have seen. I did not watch the whole thing, but after about 20 bags, I started to get the feeling the theme was "ugly". I am not a big LV fan, do not get me wrong, as I can't stand the mono, but some of the other stuff from the past has been really cute!
  10. I actually kinda like that Fendi Spy because it actually looks quite luxurious! But the Balenciaga is creepy with all those holes. I saw a similar bag (not Balenciaga) on a woman once entirely littered with different sized spine tingled every moment I caught a glimpse of her bag.
  11. LMAOOOOOOOOO! I saw that furry spy on the Shop Suey site n' thought it was gross. There's also a Prada bag that looks like a tree. All woodsy n' lumberjacky...ick. And I love Prada bags! But, this one, naaah.
  12. A squirrel with handles!!!!!!!! LMAOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! It wouldn't be so funny if it weren't so true!
  14. hahaha :lol:

    (pic from
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