Ugliest Chanel shoe ever?

  1. [​IMG]
    Bluefly for $388.00!
  2. :shudder:
  3. Indeed!
  4. :yucky:
  5. Ew!
  6. Horrendous!!
  7. If I was ever going to play basketball, those would be a yes, but otherwise, NO
  8. What are they thinking? Who is the market for these shoes???
  9. omg! those are so ugly! who would buy those?
  10. For some reason I have never been interested in any of the sneakers that Chanel has ever made. I think they should just stick to making heels and cute flats.
  11. They remind me of the early nineties.
  12. Are they for boys? They just look like Reeboks or something.
  13. I like them! I would rock them on my skateboard (if they provided ankle stability, etc of course)--now THESE Chanel shoes were ugly
  14. Good lord .... it looks like an orthopedic sneaker!:yucky:
  15. hideous