ughhh! NPB that PAID! what am i supposed to do?

  1. Long story short...
    I sold a something on eBay and it ended a week ago. The buyer contacted me and told me that someone hacked her account and bid on my item-- three different times apparently-- and she doesn't want it. I gave her three options: 1) pay 2) mutually agree not to complete the transaction 3) NPB report. I have a friend that wants(?) to buy it but can't pay until a week from tomorrow, which time doesn't matter to me at all because it's a friend.

    This buyer asked for a discount on the bag to prevent negative feedback from me and I said no. I don't know if she's trying to scam the crap out of me by getting a discounted item, but she told me the day payment was due that she would get back to me by today (a week later) and let me know what she's going to do about the auction. I didn't hear anything from her at all, and then sent a NPB report to her today and she paid. My payment requirement is 5 days after the auction ends (2 days ago), with no exceptions unless someone specifically asks for an extension. What should I do? I don't want her to think that I'm hardnosed and leave negative feedback for me once she gets the bag, but I also am not sure I want to complete the NPB and refund her 100% because I might lose a potential buyer.

    I'm really tempted to just continue with the NPB report but I'm not sure. Suggestions would be great!


    **********below are some emails we've had back and forth:************
    ***This is her first email:
    [FONT=Arial, Verdana]My E-mail acct. and my E-Bay acct have been phished and manipulated in the last few days. I had to take my hard drive in and get it wiped out and secured. I recieved it back this morning and noticed the winning bid of a handbag for 610.00. Can you tell me the time of the winning bid? I had several watched items in my watch list and it appears someone bidded and won them. Which is crazy. As I said me e-mail has also been tampered with and I am getting e-mails from various e-mails asking me to send money for items at a reduced price. Frankly, I am scared to respond to anyone. If you are J Chung and are the one contacting me...STOP!!I have reported this to E-Bay for investigation.....Go find a real job and stop trying to steal from other people!!! If you are the real deal, I am sorry and I am waiting for a response from E-bay on this matter. Thank You

    [/FONT]***This is her second email:
    [FONT=Arial, Verdana]Hi, Thank you for not being J. Chung. And I am very sorry about the bag and hope this does not ruin me buying with you. This all started a couple of days ago with XXXXX. Someone got in her acct and that procedded down the line with anyone watching or bidding on an item. I have purchased from you before and that's why your in my favorites and I like to watch how much items go for. I already have this bag and am shopping for a Manhattan GM or Vavin Large. Anyway I am sorry and can forward the e-mails I've recieved from XXXX and This J. Chung person if you need verification. Thank you,

    [/FONT]***One of my responses
    > Hi XXX,
    > I'm really sorry things didn't work out with the XXXX. Here's what my options are as a seller. I am very sorry for your unfortunate situation, but this transaction has cost me insertion fees and a final value fee. And because no other bidders are taking my second chance offer, I'm not making a sale right now. I do not want to take the situation out on you at all, I'd really like to resolve this so we're both happy :smile:
    > So there are three different things we can do to resolve this:
    > 1) pay for the item :smile:
    > 2) Mutually agree not to complete the transaction by me sending you an online form and you agree to it. I get my final value fees back and I get to relist the item for free. You don't get any strikes. My requirement for this to take place is that you need to leave me positive feedback saying "sorry it didn't work out" or something like that BEFORE I send the form and I will leave you a positive in return. I'm a very VERY honest person, I'm not going to screw your feedback over!
    > 3) File a Non paying bidder report. I get my final value fees back and a credit to relist the item, you get a non paying bidder strike. I don't want to do this but if we can't come to an agreement (I don't know why we can't resolve this :smile: )this will be my only choice.
    > Please let me know!

    **Another of her responses:
    Wow, This has a fun week...The second item I get to buy to save my feedback score... Well let's start with your bottom line on the purchase. If I can swing it I will do my best to fix this. I can't tell you how sorry I am. I think in the future I will just buy from Louis Vuitton. Some of these "Computer Hackers" have too much time on there hands. Anyway..I will be by my computer the next few hours. We'll go thru the options one by one and find a resoulution. Thanks
  2. Since she paid (and it's one of your option),you'll have to sell it to her or risk a neg. feedback. You cannot file a NPB anymore.....Hope it gets sorted out peacefully.
  3. yes, but she paid late. My requirements for payment is within 5 days and she paid in 7, only because I filed a NPB.

    I could refund her and mark as payment not received and continue with the NPB?
  4. It doesn't matter if you required her to pay in 24 hrs or 5 days after end of auction.As long as she paid within 7 days,which she has, you cannot file a NPB against her. Sounds like you don't want to sell it her, the best option is to contact her and ask her to choose option #2. Good luck.
  5. It doesn't matter what you put on your listing. eBay allows 7 days for payment. Since she paid, you have to complete the transaction. eBay is not going to refund your final value fee if you now decide you don't want to sell the item to her.

  6. Technically she has 7 days to pay, she paid and now you must send it to her or she can file a non-performing seller against you.
  7. She paid, all you can do now is ship it to her.
  8. wow, she paid within ebay's 7 day period. you have to send the item and may as well close your NPB dispute. i had a similar situation. i opened a claim after the 7 days and the buyer paid. i sent it, closed it and let it go...
  9. sorry, i should have clarified, today was the 8th day. i already opened the NPB report.
  10. OK- so she paid on the 8th day correct? Why are you not wanting to ship the bag to her regardless? The object was to sell the bag correct? I would thank her for her payment closed the NPB that you have agreed to complete the purchase and then once she receives and leaves feedback clearly state in your feedback buyer did not pay for item until NPB filed and 8th day after close of auction. She will most likely respond that her account was hacked but easy to see it wasn't if she completed the auction-that is not something a person would do - especially if was just a random hacking and she decided she liked the high dollar bag afterall?!?! what are the odds of that?!?! I would say she was trying to discount or something else is up- I would be sure payment cleared and BE SURE to get Signature Confirmation - Insurance - to protect yourself in the long run- I would also take photos before taping package up to reconfirm condition when shipped...JMO- again if the goal was to sell the bag- and you have-why not ship it??
  11. Unfortunately, you'll have to ship to her because she has paid. A NPB dispute is for exactly that: non paying bidders, not "bidders who did not pay on time". I know that is not what you want to hear but unfortunately that is what you have to do because she has kept her side of the bargain, no matter how annoying it has been.

    I'm a little confused as she paid after you started the dispute or not. If she paid after, you should neg or neutral her with that, and do be careful with signature confirmation and security tags and so on so forth, assuming you're selling something expensive so she doesn't scam you.
  12. Personally and don't take this the wrong way but I dislike sellers that demad "payment in x days" when the ebay rule is you get 7 days regardless of what the terms of sale say. Its one of those rules that overide auction TOS. If you refund her money and don't ship not only do your risk a negative and looking spiteful but also getting a non performing seller strike against you and it only takes one of those to permantly shut you down. As a ebay seller for over 7 years my feelings are that a buyers only responsibility is to pay.
  13. Seriously? She paid on the 8th day when eBay gives them 7 days (your TOS stating 5 days or whatever means absolutely nothing), and you want to refund and go through the hassle of relisting? Send her the bag and be glad you sold something. Otherwise, you definitely risk being reported as a nonperforming seller. She did her part, now you are obligated to do yours. That's it, as far as I'm concerned.

    edit: I don't mean this to sound harsh or rude at all; I am just sort of confused and slightly incredulous, because I don't see a problem here.
  14. The only "problem" is see is the OP wants to find a technicality to wriggle out of selling to the winning bidder, as she wants to sell it to her friend now.
  15. I understand what you are all saying. I shipped the handbag and sent her a few messages thanking her for her payment and wishing her well.

    I was just mainly concerned that she would leave me a negative because of HER issue with the "hacking" or whatever. It's not that I wanted to sell to my friend, I don't care about that.

    Rules are rules... ebay requires payment within 7 days and I prefer 5. She didn't follow the rules, procrastinated, and didn't pay until the 8th day and that's fine, I did make a sale and I really am happy with that. I'm just afraid of getting a negative from her if she thinks I'm being rude... I mean after all, I did offer her three options: pay, mutually agree not to complete the transaction, or file a NPB. I filed the NPB on the 8th day and she paid the 8th day after she told me she would tell me what she's going to do on the 7th.

    Thank you all for your input, I really do appreciate it!!