ughhh I need these Collins flats

  1. Here they are in pink, I need them in black! A girl I used to work with has them and I'm so obsessed, there is only an 11 on eBay.

  2. I hope you find them! they are so pretty
  3. Those are sooo cute!!! I absolutely love wearing flats, and these are gorgeous!!! Good luck with finding them!
  4. I totally wanted those in a 9 as well..they disappeared by the time I decided I had to have them!
  5. Soo cute! I was bidding on a pair of pink ones a while ago, but got outbid. Hmmm, sometimes I can wear an 11 ... *goes to look*
  6. The 11 is in black! :crybaby:
  7. my friend has that pair! she bought them on monster discount at Macys!
  8. yep! the girl I worked with got hers for soooo cheap at a dept. store!
  9. Those are gorgeous good luck finding them.
  10. Hi Sprinkles,I have a quick question since you work for COACH:

    I read that this bag is very heavy, but I really love the way it looks. Is it really that heavy? Thanks!:yes:
  11. yes! basically everything in the legacy collection is heavier than the normal coach bag (ie. soho or hamptons). It's a thicker leather and with all of the hardware, it weighs down quite a bit.
  12. Thanks for that!!:flowers: I think I'll stick with the lighter ones even though this bag is just gorgeous!I'll see...:rolleyes:
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