ughh so frustrated! what to do?!

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  1. So my husband bought me the Tivoli GM for our 1st anniversary a little over a year ago, and I wore it for about 4-5 months, and then lovingly put it back in its dustcover and in its place in my closet, and I went to go look at it a few weeks ago, and the leather has a crack in it about an inch and a half long! It is more of a "line" than a crack, but I still have gone back and looked at it EVERY day for two weeks because it bothers me so much. What to do?

    Also, has anyone noticed that their Tivoli doesn't hold its shape well? Maybe I am just being overly sensitive and paranoid because im upset about the crack:mad:
  2. The wrinkling seems to be a commom problem with the Tivoli GM. I think one tpfer was able to exchange her GM for new one because of it. I have noticed many women carry deformed GMs too.
  3. Oh no! That is horrible. I have the PM and I've had it over a year now and its fairly rigid and holds its shape well. Since the GM is bottom heavy it's load capacity may be straining the leather.

    Could you post a pic so we can see the crack/line to see if its something to be concerned about??
  4. HeavenAF, i think it's because of the canvas and ITA!
    It happens with my LV speedy 40, it's lost completly its shape and since it's my everyday bag i often leave it on my bed or couch and if i don't use it for a day or two it starts to get the crack! But them I stuff it with tons of things and it regains the rigid shape!
  5. Ok here are some pictures, they didnt turn out well because the light hits RIGHT on the crack, but if you look carefully its there. It almost looks like a pencil line. I also took a picture of what i consider to be the "deforming" lol. please let me know if im crazy.[/ATTACH][/ATTACH]

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  6. Maybe you should bring the bag to the boutique? They might replace the straps and give advise on how to bring the bag back in shape. It looks a lotbetter than the GMs I 've seen around.
  7. Oh, sorry that has happened to you. I can't see it in your photos but what you describe would bother me too. I want one of these, now I may rethink it. At least it would be really easy to replace the straps if you have to.
  8. this is the only thing that is making me feel better, that the straps come right off and can be replaced easily. I however dont want to pay for it since I have had the bag a year, and worn it about 4-5 months. I am going to try to sneak it into the boutique as soon as I can without my DH noticing. The only reason he tolerates my obsession with LV is because of the "quality" and that they "last forever"

    LOL not so much in this case
  9. Thanks. I think i am going to do this. It feels like the canvas is too big for the lining, if that makes sense?
  10. That is so strange...I can't imagine why it would do that. I wonder what kind of leather they are using!
  11. oh thats sad, such a beautiful bag.. 'quality' is one reason we all buy are bags, with the same reasoning in mind maybe Louis Vuitton backs what they sell, and fix this problem for you. Good luck to you!!
  12. So sorry about this..hope it gets sorted out!
  13. Ok guys, so I decided to take my Tivoli to work (school) with me this morning, and embarked upon "operation fix my purse" Yall might think this is crazy, but it WORKED. It looks 10000 times better. The "fixed" picture I took is of the front, which looked way worse than the picture of the "back" of the purse I took yesterday.

    my "fix" lol new purse clips.jpg

    after purse clips.jpg
  14. I cannot see what you are talking about on the leather handle. I am guessing that is where the "crack" is? It is running vertical or horizontal?

    Also, what are you doing in the above photos? Are you reshaping the bag from storage?
  15. the crack is horizontal on the handle, its about an inch and a half long and looks like a pencil mark. it was really hard to get a good picture of it because of the way the light hits, and because its fairly light.

    and yes, i was reshaping it, it looked TERRIBLE and disfigured when I took it out of storage. I really thought id never use it again.