ughh cambon madness!!!

  1. Dosent it piss you off that so many sellers on ebay bought cambon bags during the sale a few weeks ago and are marking the bags up...way up? I havent seen anyone bid on them as of yet, but it just annoys me because I was going to list my chanel cambon bowling bag for sale, but with all these brand new ones going for 1k+, its hard competition :sad:

    It just annoys me to no end when there is a sale and people come in the hords to buy bags only to mark up and resell them on ebay :mad:
    Gives people like me who are easily bored with her bags a hard time selling!
  2. Bella, this annoys me, too! I bought a reporter at Saks during the sale, then I had second thoughts and was going to return it, but decided to list on eBay to pass on the deal (since Saks was just the one day). I listed it at $2400, just to break even, and bids started pouring in, the auction ended up at $3100. I guess no matter what price they start it at, they'll probably end up with a profit.
  3. so someone paid 3100 for the reporter? more then retail? lol
  4. wow! well, the cambon bags are popular... people just get happy with bidding and forget that they are paying way too much :smile:
  5. LOL. crap I think its only on the reporter bags. I have a bowling bag I was going to list for 800, but with all these other new ones for 1100, i might wait until either they all clear out or the sellers decide to return them because they wont sell LOL
  6. It retails for $3175, maybe they just wanted avoid the taxes?
  7. I'm surprised you can find any real Cambons among all the fakes on Ebay. I was looking at Chanel there this afternon and there was page after page after page of fakes. So frustrating!
  8. Bella ~ Did You Try Yet? I Hope It Works Out For You!

    The Fake Cambons Have Been None Stop On eBay For Almost Two Years.....I Believe That Is One Of The Most Copied Lines Ever. Yuck!
  9. I havent tryed it, although I really need to get rid of it to fund a lux bowler :sad:
  10. When your ready to list the bowling bag, can you post the item number. I know someone who may be interested in bidding. I would also wait until things calm down. I remember trying to sell something when there were alot of the same items, and you just kinda lose out.
  11. If anyone trying to get rid of Reporter, I am intrested!:love:
  12. great advice! :yes:
  13. ugh yeah, i cant believe the people who list there bags for wayy more then they paid...makes me sick! 1200 for a chanel cambon, when they bought it for 950-1000.00 :sad:
  14. if anyone lists a black and white cambon bowler let me know I would love to buy it
  15. I'm waiting patiently until later on in the year when the prices will be acceptable.