1. i know this is silly but i just checked my fb and someone left me pos fb for something i sold. i check those stupid stars all the time and my shipping charges stars went down a teeny bit. which has to have been from her. i charged her 12 for shipping and it cost me 12.60. so i lost money. not a lot but still. i just can't believe someone who i UNDERCHARGED would complain about the shipping and handling charges. i feel like emailing her but what would be the point? i HATE the star system.

    sorry for the rant.
  2. not to mention she had her stupid bag in 3 days which included a weekend.
  3. I know.... Those buyers asked too much. Did you use the PayPal shipping label priting services? You can choose to show the actual shipping cost or not on the label. I don't like the new star rating system. If eBay would do this kind of rating for sellers, they should also do buyers rating as well.
  4. I know what you mean!!!
    I have 5.0 for my shipping charges (I'd better, I almost always UNDER charge people if they would bother to read the sticker).

    4.8 for "item as described" which is total crap because I have complete descriptions on everything and even make up pictures with circles pointing out minor flaws. I don't know what else I can disclose about the item!

    4.8 on shipping time (I usually ship the day after I receive payment, it's not MY fault that people are cheap and use media mail which takes 2-9 days, then they complain when they don't have it practically yesterday).

    and 4.9 on communication, which I don't get because I ALWAYS answer questions virtually within minutes of when they send them, emailing when I send the item, telling them to let me know when they receive it, etc. I don't know what else they want?? If anything, the BUYER has bad communication, half of them don't leave feedback or even let me know when they get the item!! :cursing:

    Sometimes I think the whole star system is just a pitfall for sellers, it's a way for buyers to "get back" at you without leaving a negative for absolutely no reason.
  5. I completely agree!!!
  6. yeah i have:

    Item as described 4.9
    Communication 4.9
    Shipping time 5.0
    Shipping and handling charges 4.7

    the original reason i got the lower on the shipping was for someone who i shipped internationally to. i will ONLY ship global express for intl and someone didn't like it. um, i tell people to ask before and if you don't agree- dont bid.

    so true about leaving stars for buyers. i never even leave stars for the people i buy from. it's a sucky system.
  7. Ugh. Yeah I can't stand it. There IS someone whose item I was supposed to receive last week and still haven't, I notice she has really low stars on her "shipping time" category. I WILL leave her a low star for this item though, she's really not one of the best seller's I've dealt with.

    But otherwise, I think it's quite unfair because they can SAY that you didn't have good communication/shipping time, etc. when you know it's not true.
    And yeah that wasn't your fault, it's not like you MADE them bid on your item. :rolleyes:
  8. I Hate Yellow Stars .....
  9. I don't like the star system either!! As if the feedback isnt enough.
  10. I hear you! My shipping is at 4.7 and I never make a profit on it. In fact, I often lose money, especially when I wind up not charging enough for international.

    I too think it's only fair that there is a rating system for buyers too. Buyers should be rated on their communication, timeliness in paying, how much of a pain they were, and if you would do business with them again. Fair is fair, right?
  11. I agree. I want a buyer rating!! hehe
    I'm a buyer only (for now at least) & I don't pay attention to the star system at all. I look at feedback ratings and read feedback comments. I don't see a point in the star system either.
  12. OK can I make a suggestion?


    They will just make you nuts. You can't make everyone happy all the time (GOD don't I know that :rolleyes:) so just do what you do to the best of your ability, take care of your business, and let people's opinions be their own. You know what they say, everyone's got one. You just don't have to let theirs ruin your day.
  13. I sell more things on ebay than I buy.
    I now don't even bother to care the rating system. Lot of time, they are very subjective anyway.
    When I am a buyer, I only look at the seller's Shipping Time and Communication ratings.
    Shipping and handling charges??? That's a stupid rating. As a buyer, you bid on things you only agree to which means add all costs together. Why bid on things and complaint later? If feel the S&H too hight, don't bid. That is as simple as that.
  14. I think the star thing is just for ebay to see who is bilking them on fees through the shipment system....

    If your shipment fee is low on stars, the buyer will still make the judgement on their own. They would have seen that info already to get to see your stars.
  15. Oh, I like that. We should definately be able to rate them (buyers) on how much of a pain they were. :roflmfao: