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  1. Today I broke out my Signature Braided Hobo, and my co-worker insists that it's fake! I told her I got it at COACH and it is unlikely that it's fake. She says that since there is a handtag, and the lining doesn't have the "C's" on it it's fake.

    She says her knock-off looks more real since it has the "C" lining (on a signature bag" and no handtag. UGH! Whatever! She's the proud owner of a $40 fake.
  2. No signature bag will ever have signature lining, she's a dolt.
  3. waaa? :wtf: Has she ever been to a Coach store, or even looked at real ones at Macy's? They ALL have hangtags...idiot!
  4. probably just jealous.
  5. What a MAROON!! :rolleyes: Pity the fool. I know I do!
  6. What a boob! They should do an "Office" episode about co-workers and fake bag spats!

  7. That's just it, she can afford one! This is a woman who spends $200 monthly on highlights! She has a diamond ring the size of my head!
  8. You heard it here folks! Lol
  9. WTF? :blink: I hope you smacked her upside the head to put some sense into her :bagslap:

    Show her tPF...that should change her style :lol:
  10. hahahaha...yes, please!
  11. priorities I guess! she just wants to walk the walk and not talk the talk!
  12. She got a great deal in "Philly." Some guy was selling them on the corner. She asked me if I wanted one like hers! UMMMMM, no. I'd prefer to save the $$ and have one real one than have several fakes.
  13. :rolleyes: Some people maybe she needs a good :bagslap:
  14. Seriously! :yes:
  15. some people are just ignorant. i hate it when people insist on being right when they don't even know what they are talking about!!

    since when did having a hangtag make a Coach fake?? LMAO