UGH! You've got to be kidding me!

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  1. So after 2 weeks (hijacking of my account delayed it) I finally sold my bag i had listed... I invoice the buyer and she sends me not one, but FOUR questions about things stated in the auction, like why my clochette says France and the date code is for USA (i thought USA and France both had an SD...) that was clearly stated in the auction, and then she says to she'd like it sent EMS for $40 to $42, AFTER i sent her the invoice for exactly just that!! UGH!

    You don't ask questions after an auction, you save those for before it ends!
  2. True! lol! Sorry for your trouble! I sold two bags, and still haven't received any payments!
  3. LMAO now my buyer is asking that I LIE on the customs form and say it's a 100 dollar gift! It's a $2000 bag, is she nuts? I can't even insure it if I put it down for $100. I've told her she's made me uncomfortable, and i don't wanna go through with the sale.
  4. Good for you!!
  5. I know what you mean. I am starting to get really tired of int'l buyers, especially when they ask me to take paypal on a designer bag, even though I clearly state I don't take paypal from unconfirmed addresses. Plus with the customs stuff... it's so hard NOT to sell to them, though, because there seems to be so much demand in Asia for the bags I'm selling vs everywhere else.

    Plus with the customs and insurance thing... they can say all they want about having you send it uninsured, etc, and it's their responsibility if it doesn't arrive, but when it comes down to it, Paypal is not going to let you contract around that rule, and as a seller you're left holding the bag (so to speak).

    I've been lucky so far, but I'm just waiting for the day when something goes horribly awry.
  6. Well i filed a mutual agreement complaint to not go through with it and she agreed, so i got my FVF back and sold it in a second chance offer, this girl wanted it SO much more and she's in Canada, so I feel good about shipping it!

    I was just really upset that this person would ask me to lie on a federal form and then tell me that i'm safe doing it cause i'd have tracking to prove i mailed it! Shame on her!