should have warned me!

Oh ladies and gents, I've caught the LV bug bad. It started with one little visit to a LV store after poking around on the purseblog for a bit and now it's turned into a full-blown obsession. I went to the LV store in Indy last night and saw sooo many pretty bags, OMG, I cannot afford an obsession this pricey :wacko:

I managed to escape after only buying a lovely Ludlow Damier wallet to go with my Damier Ravello PM yet to arrive (which I played with at the store, I LOVE it), but I saw so many other lovely things...the koala wallet, the epi speedy 25 in a flame red color (oh, better believe it, I'm saving up!), the Epi Jasmin which is gorgeous in person, I'm in love...I used to be enamoured of Coach, and that was stress enough on my pocketbook, but LV bags are so much nicer, much more classic. Why must I be a poor student with exceptionally good handbag taste (thanks to purseblog!)??
vanojr9... i am a drooling club member too.. i'm browsing for something to go with my new klara... maybe a new monogram wallet... but the suhali wallet is calling my name too
I also drool for a LV; I tried looking on Ebay for something in my price range, but ultimately decided to just save up for a new bag. Maybe when I go back to work p/t it would be feasible to upgrade my handbag collection. ;)