UGH WTF!!??Input please?

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  1. Hey guys, I know I haven't posted in awhile but I haven't been online much or been able to to come on much. Anyways on to my rant. I put my poppincourt haut up on eBay recently and it was taken down for being fake!! Needless to say I was outraged. I got it directly from the louisvuitton website and even posted the unwrapping pictures in here. There's no way it could be fake. I emailed them to complain and say I could show them the receipt to prove it but they just sent me a standard letter repeating the same thing. Anyone have any advice on what to do? I think maybe they thought it was fake because I'd lowered the price alot? Retail the price is £425 at the moment and I put it up for £300 due to a major scuff. Here are some pictures of said bag:

    When I first got it

    And here are some of the pictures I used in the listing
    The scuff



    So yea, those are the pics I posted with it. Any suggestions?
  2. I would just post it up again even though I think they say you're not supposed to....:shrugs:
  3. Oh i'm sorry to hear that :sad: i cant belive that when eBay does try to take down some bags sometimes they acctually take down real ones >_< I don't really have any advice unfortunatly i try not to deal with eBay i find they have gone abit down hill But i spose they can't do much about it, Did you get a reply fromt them yet?
  4. Ugh, that must be so frustrating. While I am glad they are cracking down on fakes, I am sure it makes selling a bigger hassle. Did they tell you what you can do to change your listing so that they will allow it? Did you buy the bag from eluxury?
  5. If it's authentic, I would repost it.

  6. They just sent me an automated email repsonse both times! And I ordered it from the LouisVuitton website
  7. I know! When i checked to see what other LV's were up I spotted LOADS of fakes! I did get a reply, but they're just automated messages saying WE ARE SORRY YOU DO NOT FEEL THIS PROBLEM AHS BEEN RESOLVED. YOU HAVE VIOLATED COPYRIGHT blah blah labels and whatnot. :cursing:
  8. Oh my gosh! Thats so unfair! I can't belive them :sad:i can't imagine how fustrated you are i know i would be going mad.
  9. that happened 2 me twice! i was very upset because there was nobody to contact! and its bs because there are a million FAKE bags on there...i just put my perfo cles up a week ago and they took it down...i hate ebay
  10. It's frustrating when they do that! I thought there was a way to respond??
  11. Check with the people that frequent the Ebay thread, they will be able to help you. It has happened to so many people with all sorts of authentic designer items. Yet the fakes stay up. :yucky:
  12. Someone who is probably trying to sell the same bag or who is trying to sell fakes probably reported you and then Ebay's useless 'fraud' dept. just took down your bag.
    How were your pictures? I've sometimes seen where people post their pics using the HTML format and the pics get squished a little and make the heatstamp look bad. Maybe your pics made it look fakey?
    See if someone can offer you help on the answer section on Ebay.
  13. Sorry, Ebay has been a snake pit lately...:crybaby:
  14. I am sorry that happened to you. I would just relist it again...that happened to me with a Movado watch I had listed. I messaged someone from Live help and they told me to relist it.
  15. I would NOT relist it again without permission to do so from Ebay. Somewhere in those canned responses (maybe the original one) will say that repeated violations will result in suspension from Ebay. If you relist and it gets pullled again you'll be suspended.

    *forgot to say, that maybe the envelope thing set off some of the people that report, they may have just assumed it was one of those envelopes so commonly seen with fakes.