Ugh wish I would have gotten Made in France bags!

  1. My husband and his friend were looking at my Speedy the other day and said oh man this is made in the USA? I bet some guys making min wage made this bag and yet they charge so much for it! UGH I tried to explain to him how it is made but he just laughed. I can see why made in france looks better to people!
  2. mine says made in usa too but it doesnt bother me too much anymore. (but i totally know what you mean because when i first got it i was disapointed it didnt say france) wallet says made in spain and my agenda says spain also!
  3. my antigua i think is made in USA but dont worry they are the same quality :smile:
  4. made in France doesn't look one iota better to me! Those people were just teasing ya, lol, the bag looks gorgeous and we all know it!
  5. My Speedy is Made In USA (I was hoping it would say France or Spain. My Florentine says 'Made in France'. It really doesn't matter because it's the same quality.
  6. My Speedy is made in France
    My BH is made in Spain
    My pochette is made in USA

    They are all the exact same quality.
  7. I don't think it matters at all where the bag is made from .... just as long as it is 100% AUTHENTIC! :p

  8. ABSOLUTELY! It's a fab bag with great quality no matter where it is from.
  9. My damier speedy is also made in USA. It doesn't make any difference to me and I love it just as much as my other LVs that are made in France. :smile: (According to my SA, made in USA bags' materials are all imported from France and assembled in US.)
  10. To be honest most of my bags made in USA, don't bother me at all..
  11. Wherever they're are manufactured they are still Louis Vuitton!
  12. a lot of people dont mind where their bags are made, but IMO i prefer made in France bags as well xx
  13. i like my bags to say made in france. my MC speedy was made in US, so I exchanged for Made in France.
  14. i'm sure in france they make the same wage. so really whats the difference in the bag ?

  15. Exactly. :yes: