UGH!!! Why does ebay pull authentic listings????

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  1. Ohhhh- just had to vent! eBay pulled three handbag listings that I took time to create today for no apparent reason. :crybaby: I emailed then stating that they need to spend their time apprehending the fake Chloe and Balenciaga listings that clutter their site daily. Has anybody just said I am truly done with eBay...moved on...and not turned back??? I am about to do that!:yucky:
  2. I've done that. The situation has honestly gotten out of hand. The customer service is terrible. You call them and they claim to know nothing and ask you to e-mail. Then you e-mail and get the same response over and over again. I offered to fax receipts and credit card records but they don't even care about that. They send me the same e-mail over and over again.

    If you are a Silver Powerseller, completely different story. You get to contact their 'Trust and Safety' department directly and have someone work with you. Unfortunately for me, I stopped selling on eBay for a while and because my amount went below $3000 a month I no longer had that service.

    I am trying to find an alternative but I really can't find any right now. I don't want to pay a high commission fee and have some other seller sell my items for me. The Marketplace forum is harder to get into than I imagined so that will have to wait.

    If anyone has any suggestions to an alternative to eBay for designer handbags and goods, please let us know! Thanks in advance!
  3. I guess the tPF Marketplace is the next best solution. But we have to be accepted first :sad:
  4. Hi there...Bronze powerseller of authentic vuitton with over 8 years on ebay, 4 years as a my poupette just had my listing pulled tonight...I am beyond mad at this point...what a mickey mouse operation this has turned into...
  5. This is exactly why Ill NEVER EBAY!
  6. ^WAY too many headaches involved!
  7. :wtf: Damier Lover...
    There taking down mypoupette sellers too?
  8. Not that I'm glad to hear anyone else has had the same thing happen to them but....
    I sell all my "gently used" designer bags on ebay and recently listed 2...
    I got "red flagged" for a Marc Jacobs that is authentic and I have no idea why because one can never speak to a human being at ebay.
    Thanks for letting me vent!!!!
  9. is there anything that can be done when that happens to sellers?
    sounds unfair to ebayers selling authentic bags from there personal collection.
    since I've found the PF I want to sell some of my LV and to fund my Chanel and I only tried one time and they pulled me down.
    I thought it was because I was new?
  10. This happened to me too. I tried emailing ebay & told them many times I had proff I could send them but I only recieved automated replies. It was ridiculous!! I am so mad just thinking about it!
  11. You're so right!

    Its totally frustrating!
    I had the receipt, tags and carebook..., but its like a robot or vague generic message when I try to get an answer.
    I first tried live chat and felt hopeful for a second..
    but then they gave me a link that they said is the procedure to remove the trademark restriction and then I went into the black hole of nothiness..ugh!

    but didn't seem to help.
  12. Seems it is quite random, they left my other alone. I'm not like the sellers from Hong Kong or anything...I have my own pieces I sell. UGH:cursing:
  13. I've noticed the authentic LV sellers from HK are back? Have ebay changed their policies again and these sellers can now sell worldwide?
  14. I would think that if E-bay was picking and choosing, being the arbiter replica vs. authentic, they should also be responsible if an item they said was authentic, wasn't. JMO.
  15. GGRrrr...this happened to me once! Now,I have bags I want to sell but I'm too scared already. It is so frustrating!