UGH! Why do people do this???

  1. This is the 3rd time Ive sold something, and then minutes after the auction, the high bidders email me and ask allllll of these insane questions... They want more pictures, measurements, verifications of this and that etc etc....

    Why cant they ask questions beforee bidding or better yet, before they win?

    The most recent buyer says she has had bad experience with buying fakes on eBay, so she needs more pics of the item, serial number etc.. SUREEE, I even told her that im a proud member on the tPF and she can even post in the authenticate this forum if she needs help..

    Sorry for the rant, this is just annoying! :tdown:
  2. That happened to me once too, I told her those were all questions she should have asked BEFORE it ended, she had also sent explicit directions on how it should mailed and marked as a gift. I told her I was not comfortable completing the transactions and good riddance!
  3. this is happening to me, too, right now. buyer says she "needs" the receipt, which I'm not going to send. also, it "needs" to be there by the 11th, which she didn't mention before. I told her she should pay for express shipping then--just got a payment, she only paid for priority! finally, she paid me via paypal even though by my auction terms she had to pay by wire transfer. and she sends me e-mails and then like 15 minutes later freaks out because i haven't responded yet. i almost wish she would back out because my next highest bidder was a non-nutso member of tPF.
  4. Why don't you specify in your listings...
    "please ask questions prior to bidding"
  5. erm, I do. they just don't bother.
  6. I help authenticate in the LV forum and unfortunately, a lot of times, people will only ask about the authenticity of a bag when they've already won it instead of asking before they bid. Then we have to advise them to ask for the appropriate pics and details, etc.
    I agree with sabrinahchan, put that in your auction (assuming people read it ;)).
  7. Oh my goodness- I'm glad I'm not alone. The worst was when she kept asking me the same questions over and over again- "Please send me more pictures of the tags?" . . . (me) "as stated in the auction this does not have tags", she kept wanting more pictures. Trying to be as polite as possible, I'm like "please ask questions before bidding". Finally when she got it, she wasn't happy, I ended up having to give her partial credit to satisfy her. Another buyer bought the bag, wanted more pictures, so I emailed them to her, then she accused me of selling a fake, left me negative feedback and never paid.
  8. People obviously can't read. I'm sick of the questions "How do you guarantee the item is authentic and that I will get my money back if it's not?" Well... if they read the listing.... I feel like answering some of them with "CAN'T YOU READ???!!!" The best was this lady questioning one of my listings and why I am selling it for a certain price if it's authentic? The starting bid was $400+ for the item. It's not like I was selling it for 50bucks. I all but told her that if she was so unsure of bidding on my item that maybe she shouldn't bid on it. Pain in my a#$! UGH!:nuts:
  9. How annoying! I'm sorry that you're having to experience this.

    I don't see why she NEEDS the receipt unless it was listed in the listing as including receipt. I guess if worse comes to worst then you could possibly make a copy with the personal information blacked out. That's some sitting-on-her-high-horse attitude she's got there.

    Hope it turns out ok.
  10. I always do in bold letters, never works

  11. I notice this too, Rebecca.. im all authenticate this forums, people always ask AFTER they win and then its realized that the bag was fake... so unfortunate...
  12. eBay can really be a pain sometimes! For all the good you get out of it there's an even dose of annoyance!:shrugs: