Ugh! When will the Khaki Baby Cabas eventually arrive???

  1. Has anyone got the bag yet? Anyone? I am on 4 waitlists and one of them I am #1 on the list but I have not heard any news yet! Is it not going to be here till the end of Nov?? I am so impatient now.....:hysteric:
  2. Me too girlie!! I thought that it would be here this week for sure, but I guess not. I don't think ANY stores have received the khaki yet. I hope it doesn't come in next Fri when SCP is a zoo.
  3. Hahha, I know, I hope it's not coming during thanksgiving week since there will be A LOT of people shopping there and I will be out of town next weekend too.....
  4. I really want the khaki, but I don't want to brave those ridiculous crowds. Maybe there will be no shipment next friday. ;)
  5. OMG, lol, I have been going crazy myself waiting for that call:hysteric: :shame: . In the meantime I've been trolling Ebay relentlessly to see if any of those sellers will get ahold of this sought-after color first:shrugs: .

  6. My NM in NorCal only received the white and black so far. I passed on the black and I really wish I would have listed for the khaki.
  7. I guess I just have to calm down....I did call my SA earlier this week and she ensure me that I am #1 on her list and she has all my info so she will call me right upon receiving the shipment.....but she still can't say exactly when it will be here, just said any moment now.....any moment....
  8. I know I am dying. I am hoping before Thanksgiving.
  9. Does anyone know if Saks has ordered this color? I know sometimes they only order certain colors.
  10. ^ yup, Saks did!
  11. Thanks, hikaru! I bet it's a long shot, but I'm going to call my SA and see if she can put me on the list. I was in last week and she seemed to not know whether they were getting them, so I'm hoping I may be the first on the list! :smile:
  12. Edna, I am up there on the list at the Boca Raton store but will be declining my baby Cabas in Khaki. If I get notified I'll PM you.
  13. How come you don't want yours?
  14. ugh I'm dying too, I hope people above me pass it up or on other waitlists. If not I guess I'm going to settle for black :sad:
  15. roey-what changed your mind? I'm waitlisted at my Saks-I cannot wait!!!