Ugh, what an awful husband..

  1. I met a friend yesterday at school. While she was talking to me she asked me why I was wearing eyeglasses and I told her I was having mild vision problems.

    She told me that she had been having blurry vision and problems with her eyes for a while. And GET THIS: her husband doesn't want her to visit an opthalmologist because he's afraid that it's going to cost him a lot of money for doctor's fees, eyeglasses etc. He buys all kinds of stuff for himself - a home theatre system, digital cameras - and he doesn't want to pay for his wife's EYEGLASSES?

    I now find good use for this icon. :cursing: :cursing: :cursing:
  2. wtf?! i'm actually speechless. :smash:
  3. that is terrible. it could be something really serious... i hope not for your friend's sake.
  4. I had the feeling that my vision was not what it used to be. After I visited an opthalmologist I found that I not only have mild short sightedness (reason for wearing eyeglasses) but I also have glaucoma. I am worried for my friend.
  5. Merika, is your glaucoma controlled with medication or eyedrops? I have a family history of glaucoma on both (!) sides of my family so I am checked every year.

    That's one of the worst stories I've heard. What a jerk. I could cry for that woman.
  6. What her husbands wants and what he gets are two different things. She should stand up to him and make an appointment immediately. There is more going on in that marriage, I'm sure.
  7. OMG what a jerk!!!How rude!!
  8. I use eyedrops Xalatan (latanoprost) which keeps my eye pressures under control now.

    Do any of you think I should tell her that I will take her to the doctor, and if there are any bills I'll take care of it and she can pay me back little by little so hubby won't find out? I feel bad about it, especially since I know what can go wrong if you don't get these things checked out...

    BTW she works too, but hands over her paycheck completely to him to do what he wants :cursing:
  9. dumb question: but doesn't she have a health plan that covers her eyes?
  10. What a jerk!!
  11. Only partial medical (I think). I don't think eyeglasses are covered with her plan.
  12. i'm sorry, but i just find the husband horrible. isn't his wife's health and well-being much more important than materials (ie. his gadgets)? i hope your friend gets to get her eyes checked...
  13. OMG this gets worse, she hands over her paycheck & won't take the money to see to her health???

    There is a lot more going on in that marriage & none of it good.

    She must get to the doctor immediately, blurred vision can be symptom even of a brain tumour.

    This is truly sad & when that lady gets her health sorted out she really needs to take a look at her marriage.
  14. we have an eye plan besides our medical insurance that pays for a complete eye exam with an optometrist every other year with some amount of discount on a pair of glasses at the same time. help her find out what she has in coverage. he sounds a like a real horse's patootie.
  15. :mad: :mad: :mad: I think i'd tell him a thing or two.