Ugh...this is depressing..

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  1. This morning I woke up earlier than I normally do, and was checking some things online, including new LV auctions on eBay. Well, what do I come across but a nearly new , absolutely authentic, LV mono cabas mezzo for BIN $450 :wtf:

    I'm on a ban right now (just got a Fendi B Bag last month, and am saving for a Vegas shopping trip in June), so knew it would be wrong.wrong.wrong to buy it. Well, of course someone else snatched it up within minutes :crybaby:

    Even though I know I did the right thing in saving my money, I'm still totally smarting about this "loss."

    My fiance doesn't understand at all, so I thought that I would vent to the people who would know exactly how I feel.
  2. Sorry, Iris! Someone BIN'd my Manhattan so I know EXACTLY how you're feeling right now! :sad:

    At least you'll have more money for your trip!
  3. Know how you feel, buy SAVE for the vegas shopping!
  4. :sad: I know how you feel, but hopefully, you'll find another one in the future when you're ready to buy it. Hey, have fun in Vegas! If you ever play, hope you win and then you could get a new one! Good luck and enjoy your Vegas trip! :smile: :flowers: :heart:
  5. I've sooooo been there! But I'd much rather go shopping in Vegas. I'm sure you'll be happy when you're there...
  6. Save the money for Vegas trip. You'll have fun shopping and if you win $$, save it up for another LV.
  7. i knwo how you feel...:heart::flowers::flowers:
  8. I know how you's not LV but I was eyeing this Miu Miu bag a few days ago...went back the next day to ask more questions and someone BIN'd it..So sad :crybaby:

    Have fun in Vegas!!