UGH.. the nerve of some people...!!! :@

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  1. Okay.. I am very angry and frustrated. The story is this:

    So being the curious person that I am, I was browsing Facebook Marketplace for Authentic Louis Vuitton. I usually never go on Facebook Marketplace since the posts are not very updated and very lacking in items (at least for my city anyway).

    ANYWAY, I came across this posting:

    For Sale:
    Pre-owned AUTHENTIC LV Louis Vuitton Vernis Lexington Fleurs Purse for CAD $XXX.

    Why? I don't use this and making room for new stuff :smile:
    Price: CAD $XXX Category: Items For Sale : Clothes & Accessories Posted: 1 week ago in Vancouver, BC Description: This rare and limited edition pochette was only produced in 2002.
    This is an authentic pre-owned purse, though it has some miles on it, this cute, classic pochette still has tons more life left and comes with its original dustbag. This is definately underpriced compared to e-bay!
    Size: 8"L x 4.7"H x 1.5"D


    So then I comment:
    Me: Sorry but this is fake ><
    Seller: I'm pretty sure it's not. The LV store can vouch for me.
    Me:You may authenticate on
    Seller: Thanks for the link. Fortuantely though, this is 100% authentic. Perhaps the photos doesn't do it any justice. It's been verified by the LV store.
    Seller's friend: This isn't fake. I think you should visit a LV store sometime. That may assist in helping you to spot whats real.

    I am not posting anymore, but I feel like I should. I only put my initial comment on just to be like "BUYER BEWARE". LIKE ARGH I'm so mad at what the seller's friend said though.. like PLEASE!! LOL you ladies (and gents) would understand my FRUSTRATION!!! What should I do? leave another comment, or just leave it?

    I don't know if it's okay for me to post the link here, since I am not selling or advertising... sorry if it's not allowed.. please feel free to remove.
  2. there is the way to report on the marketplace:

    If it seems suspicious or too good to be true, report it.
    (column left hand).

    that's exactly what I did right now!
    hope this helps a bit!!
  3. Ugh how annoying, I wouldn't post anymore if I were you, you don't really want to get into an argument with her, not if she drafts in loads of friends to back her up! I would report it though :smile:
  4. lol i have never seen this bag b4 so i can't really tell
    haah how do u know it is fake tho?
    i'm just curious
    and i do think the print looks funny.... ahah
    maybe ask her if she has a receipt from the store?
  5. the embossed LV logo just look fake I think.

    hellsangel227OP: I think 2 people has backed you up . Good on you on reporting this!
  6. Don't frustrate yourself. In life it is only your duty to do what is right. You will save yourself a lot of frustration by not pointing out everyone else's wrongs. Simply keep doing right yourself and soon everyone doing right will be multiplied. Just my .02.
  7. I wouldn't reply any further. If there is a feature to report fakes, that's the route I would take!
  8. The interior look gross. lol.
  9. Haha, at least other people vouched for you as well!
  10. WOW. I own that beauty and that one is horrible. I'm not going to comment but I reported it.
  11. Yep. That's fake. The mods will probably delete the link because you can't put a link to a fake on this site.
  12. Fake or not, I would not waste my time and energy. It will eat you up. Relax and have fun at tPF. :biggrin:
  13. Yes, i think you are all right. I will not comment anymore on marketplace since four lovely ladies already commented. THANKS A LOT! I did report the posting, after seeing that there was an option to. THANKS FOR ALL YOUR INSIGHT!! I feel much better.
  14. looks like a lot of people agree with you....
  15. jkeep us posted