Ugh. Stupid SA at LV Rodeo Drive!

  1. Ok, I just need to vent a little on here! Here is my story:

    I already ordered a Groom Cles from eLuxury and a small Groom Compact Wallet from my SA. His store did not receive any Bandeaus or Bandanas yet so on Friday, I called 866 VUITTON to try to locate a Groom Bandeau for me. (Keep in mind that the Bandeau is the headscarf and there is a Bandana also, which LV calls "Bandana".) 866 VUITTON tells me that Rodeo Drive has it. So I ask her, are you positively sure it is the Bandeau not the Bandana? She says, yes, it is $110. I said ok, thank you, I will give them a call.

    So I call the Rodeo Drive store and the operator gives the phone to an SA named xxxx. I told him that I just called their 866 number and that they directed me to call his store. I told him what I was looking for. He said he'd try to find it and then he'd give me a call back. I received a call after 10 minutes and he tells me he's got one.

    I tell him, I'm so sorry for making you run around the store for something that's only $110. He says no problem at all! Then I ask him, are you sure it is the Bandeau not the regular Bandana that you have? And he says in a very curt manner, "Bandeau does mean Bandana. Louis Vuitton pieces are named in French. So the Bandana is the same thing as Bandeau!" I told him ok, so it's the headscarf Bandeau for sure? He says yes. So I was like okay, whatever, I've already mentioned it's $110 so it must be the Bandeau that I am looking for. So he takes down my info and tells me that he'll call me once it goes through.

    All the times I've done a charge-send with LV, they do not give me the total until they call back confirming the order. But this xxxx guy never called me back on Friday, nor Saturday, nor Sunday!

    So today I check my Amex account online and what do you know, I am charged $161.55. I picked up a calculator and I added the price of the Bandana + tax + shipping and it came out to $161.55.

    I'm a little pissed right now because I DID NOT WANT THE BANDANA, I wanted the BANDEAU! And this SA xxxx obviously didn't know what was up and to top it off, he was speaking in a tone as though he knew everything! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's why I HATE HATE HATE buying from new SA's! Some of these guys/gals need to get more training on their products!
  2. I'm sorry this happened to you! You should call back and ask to speak directly to him. Make sure you will not be charged for shipping back to them. How annoying!
  3. Oh, man! I think you called him back and tell him he sent you the wrong thing! Tell again that you specifically told him the bandeau, not the bandana! That they are two different things!
  4. Perhaps it's easier to just tell him that you wanted the long thin one, not the square one. :P That's how I told the SA when I called to check whether the perfo fuchsia bandeau was available coz I was afraid he got it mixed up with the perfo scarf.
  5. That is so frustrating!! I would definately give him a call.
  6. A lot of times people aren't loyal to their retail jobs...what I mean in that is that it's a high turnover position..a lot of people get the job and are gone in under 1 year of working there. LV has a long way to go when it comes to training their staff. I feel like it's a 50:50 ratio of good SAs to should be more like 80:20 in a realistic setting...but considering it's LV...almost every SA should be VERY informed.

    This will always irk me about LV
  7. Im sorry about your experience with LV Rodeo Drive. I dont really like to go to that LV because the SAs there are really snobby and they are not informed about whats going on INSIDE THEIR OWN STORE!! Im basing this off 3 instances. I feel that the stores @ the beverly center and hollywood and highland are much more accomodating and nicer.
  8. He should definitely give you a full refund PLUS your shipping!
  9. urgh how annoying! I would tell the manager, or just let him know that the SA got some details mixed up and that it be fixed for the next customer. Sorry you had to go through this!
  10. How irritating! I am sorry that happened to you:sad:
  11. Does anyone have a pic of the bandeau vs the bandana?

  12. [​IMG]
  13. Oh, I'm sorry! Thanks for editing.

    I'll be keeping the Bandana anyway. I don't want to go through the hassle of returning it.

    Yeah, next time I'll just describe it. I've learned my lesson!

    There are photos in a few threads. I'm not sure which threads, but try a search. :yes:

    Nevermind. John is fast!
  14. Eeek. When I went to go look at the Groom collection last week, I was holding up the bandeau... I asked the SA and accidentally said "So this is the bandana, right?" He corrected me and said "No sir. What you're holding is the bandeau. The bandana, we sold out already... The difference in the two is that the bandeau is long and skinny, and the bandana is wider, of course." ... or something along those lines, if I remember correctly.