Ugh Soooo agravated at my sister!!!

  1. My sister and I decided to get my mom a vernis cles for Christmas, and agreed to split the cost. Well to make a long story short, my mom admitted she probably wouldn't use it, but my sister had already thrown out the receipt, and I was debating whether or not to sell it on eBay at a reasonable price (since it was brand new). The other day my sister asks me how to open the cles, I show her but ask her why she wants to know, since it's not hers to use. She says she was just wondering, and I make sure to tell her NOT to use it because I don't want scratches on it since I might sell it. It's also important to note that she hasn't paid me back AT ALL for the price of the cles...she said she would pay me back with Christmas money but has since only given me about $40 (which went towards the $80 gift we got my dad).

    I went out last night and was planning on staying at one of my friend's houses, but decided to come home. Well this morning I hear my mom say "Oh I see ******* has her new keychain all set up!" I go into the kitchen and see that my sister has the cles on her keychain, already set to take to school with her! She thought I wouldn't be home to see her use it since I was supposed to be staying at my friends house. I'm furious so I tell her to take it off, so she starts pulling at it, rips it off, and throws it down on the table! I look at it and there are scratches all over it, and she just tell me I'm being dramatic, that it's half hers anyway - she didn't pay for any of it! She doesn't have a job (she quit hers a few months back in the most disgraceful way possible), and I work really hard for all of my money. Now I don't think I'll even bother selling it, since it's considered "used" with all the scratches all over it. I was planning on recouping some of the money to get my mom a nicer gift on her birthday since she didn't want the cles for Christmas. I'm sorry if I'm rambling, I just feel really disrespected by my sister since she violated me and my trust. I'd love to tell her she should now buy it from me, but I know she'll never cough up the $220 it ended up costing me. Ugh I'm just really upset. :cursing:
  2. Wow. That would upset me too. I would tell her to find some way to give me my money back.. or do chores for me :evil smirk: LOL.
  3. Sisters! Can't live with 'em, can't live without them!
  4. Totally out of order of your sister to do that !!, I would be so angry, since you bought it with your money and picked it out then why dont you keep it and use it ??, seems like a good idea, or offer your sister it for a certain $ amount.
  5. Sorry your sister acted like that.
  6. ^^^ Ah in truth I love her to death, she's my best friend, but she does things like this all the time if she thinks I won't find out. If it wasn't the result of 2 months pay, I would just tell her to keep it since she obviously really wants it, but I had to put up with a LOT of crap at work to earn that money. She's still immature and I don't think understands what earning your own money entails, but it's frustrating when she just totally disregards me.
  7. So true!
  8. since your sister used it, hold onto it and have her pay you $$ each month until it is paid off and then give it to her
  9. this is a really good idea!

    i mean, its your sister, just let her take time to pay you back.
  10. I'm sorry she did that to you ... but I guess what's done is done, all we can really do is learn from our experiences. I'm sure someday she'll realize what she has done and make it up to you!
  11. if you are still thinking about selling it, you can still use eBay. I would just list it as "used" and not "new" I've noticed that "cles" sells very well on eBay. Someone in the US with no means of LV near or someone who doesn't like paying full price will be gladly to buy it. KWIM - HTH
  12. I agree, also sell it worldwide because you will get alot more bidders/buyers. Cles's are in quite short supply on ebay, you dont see that many.
  13. What an ugly ending for a beautiful gift! I mean- getting fought over and beat up. Hopefully you can salvage what you can on fleabay- good luck whatever you do though!
  14. That sucks. I know family can be frustrating!
  15. hmmmm....I'm thinking you might just have your sister's next birthday gift there! :yes: