Ugh!!! So turned off by 866VUITTON

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  1. So I've been obsessing about the Multicolore Aurelia and I know from having visited 2 boutiques that LV doesn't have a lot in stock right now. I did ask both boutiques if Aurelia was being discontinued & was told, no. Well, I figured I could call 866 & ask, just in case they had info that the boutiques didn't.

    The rep I spoke to said didn't hestitate in telling me no. Then I asked her if she knew why LV wasn't restocking Aurelia's right now & she condescendingly said, "Well, the multicolor line is limited edition". WTF???:cursing::confused1::cursing:. I'm no expert but at the very least I know that much of the Multicolore line has been considered permanent for quite a while now. What the heck kind of training are these people getting?!? Does LV even care that some of their phone reps don't seem to know what they're talking about or worse yet, tell customers any old thing whether it's true or not? Yuck!
  2. LOL that's awful! It was only LE in 2003 when it was first released! They probably use the same training course as they did then (if indeed they receive any training...).

    Good luck with finding the Aurelia btw :biggrin:
  3. gosh that sux, most people have great luck at the 866. maybe the stores dont know yet, cause 866 seems to know some things sooner than SA's. Is MC really classified as permanent? idk, but i would atleast assume some styles are still LE, even if there are a lot of them.
  4. Good luck finding it. Nevermind the SA's that don't have the knowlege and the skills.
  5. Thanks so much for responding, y'all. I just needed to rant :love:. I can always count on my fellow tpfers for a little LVoe when I need it.
  6. I'm sorry you were given such crappy service...sigh... You'd think it would be more consistent and knowledgeable when buying luxury items! It would be nice. Sorry for your experience. Maybe they need tPF training...LOL!!!!
  7. Sorry for your experience. YOu will find a better SA I'm sure. Good luck for finding your bag.
  8. how odd

    ive had a bad experience with LV customer services, its as if they have no idea what you're talking about and will feed you any information to get rid of you. To me they are not an option because the few times i have called them they are nothing but rude and un-helpful.
  9. ^^^It certainly seems that way, LOL. I had good experience there 2X with a rep named Maisha (she's very nice & extremely professional). But since it's all so hit & miss (not to mention some of the horror stories posted here about people getting damaged/defective bags, having trouble getting credited for returns, etc.) I'm also totally done with 866.

  10. Is it possible (I know it doesn't help but ) that she meant they only release a limited amount (per style) per year ? I have had mostly good outcomes from the 866# but some have rushed me off the line too :tdown: