Ugh! So not FAIR! Foresta Bambinone @ Karmaloop

  1. I saw the Foresta Bambinone on Karmaloop and went ahead to make my purchase. I filled out all the payment info and POOF! ITEM IS OUT OF STOCK! WTH~? Why was I able to place it in my cart, checkout etc and then they do this to me???? :cursing::noggin:

    So, anyone here got it?

    Price with rep code inc. shipping was only $110!!!!!!!!!
  2. wow, that WOULD HAVE been a deal O__O nope, not me.
  3. ahh wow sorry hear that pinkpeony! Wasn't me either.
  4. yeah, i saw that and just figured it was a mistake somehow.. when i refresh the page w/ all the toki bags, they disappear. something odd with that site..
  5. I had emailed karmaloop to ask if they were gonna restock their "adios scoop face" shirt because all they had left were "small". They wrote me back saying that when they sell out of stuff they don't restock because they wanna be "on the cutting edge of fashion". Please ... whatever ... I think that's so lame ... I mean if they're all sold out except for one size don't they realize it's popular and if they restock they can sell more? I know I can get it off another site but they sold it cheaper. ah well.

    anywho ... my karmaloop rant is over.
  6. it wasn't me either..sorry.

  7. I CALLED Karmaloop - hehe - and their response was while you were filling up the information, the item has been purchased by the people who were faster than you. :wtf:
  8. yeah, they only order a certain # of things, then once they start running low of stock, the price drops on things. You can get some good deals that way, but of course, it depends on if they still have your size. I got some triple 5 soul hoodies for way cheap from them a few years ago, a a Ptriple 5 backpack for my bf at the time for 1/2 off, and a pair of UFOs for like, $30!
  9. ohdang i was thinking of getting it too! phooey
  10. i saw this in the great deals thread, but thought it was a typo :x
  11. the people at karmaloop seem to be responding very rudely... :T i never bought anything from them.. but seeing the responses a few of you got, they seem like jerks. >:[

    that would have been great if you got the bag! hopefully another great deal will come up for you :smile:
  12. yikes. were there any good experiences with this place? O__O
  13. the only one i saw was lambfashionista (i think) getting the right placement on her adios star BV.. i want to get a pirata caramella, but i don't want to get screwed on the placement :[
  14. I bought my first toki, a amore ciao ciao from Karmaloop. After I placed my order it took something like three days to confirm my order and then after it was confirmed it took over a week to receive the bag. So they have pretty slow service compared with most online places I shop. I paid them through paypal which I liked since I use paypal a lot. I used a 20% off code so I thought the price was fair. I can't vouch for customer service since I never spoke with anyone and had no problems doing my order online. It was my first bag and I didn't really know much about placement but I love the placement so all is well. Overall I'm happy with my purchase from them.
  15. OMG ... that is a horrible response!!!! How the heck can they think to say something like that to a customer?! :cursing: