ugh so irritated at chloe/nordstrom

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  1. so the first week of march i take my baby paddington to have the chipped hardware fixed and i was told it would be no problem if i took it to Nordstroms, where i bought it, and they shipped it to chloe. so this week, i called and asked about it since i hadn't heard back about it and she said she'd try to find it and let me know. so today i get a call that the bag is back, so i was happy, then they tell me they have bad news, it came with a note saying chloe does not fix that or the flawed stitching. i waited all that time for absolutely nothing.:cursing: to say the least, i don't think i'll be buying another chloe [sorry].
  2. Sorry your hardware wasn't fixed. I can understand being irritated with Chloe for not repairing it, but why are you upset with Nordstrom? It sounds like they did all they could on their end.

    Chipped hardware seems to be a common problem with the Paddington from all the threads about it on this forum.
  3. I can see how it would be annoying to pay 1.5k+ for a bag and then be told they won't fix it. Nordies should have called and asked first before taking the bag and sending it out . You get your hopes up thinking your bag is being fixed only to find out it's not.
    I feel your pain but instead of giving up on chloe buy the ones with the metal hardware, they don't chip.
    I think the leather alone is worth buying a chloe thats just my opinion.
  4. actually i called chloe ny before i even took it to Nordies and they said it could be fixed no problem, all i'd have to do was take it to where i bought it and they would have to send it to be fixed.
  5. I don't know what's up with Nordstrom but I did that before with Aloha Rag and it was no problem. I sent them the chipped lock on my khaki Paddy and they sent it to Paris and I got another one back. Total turnaround time was about 2 months tops but it did get fixed. The replacement lock eventually chipped as well but I stopped fretting over it and just enjoyed my bags.

    Good luck.