ugh, so I found the wave flats @ nord. rack

  1. That pattern is seriously haunting me! I almost got the flats but I would have trashed them, I cannot own light colored suede (especially in shoes).

    I needdddd the Wave tote or wristlet in the khaki/gold colors!! :crybaby:

  2. ohhh that's pretty! I've seen the flats at NR too & they are just as gorgeous but yes they are suede, unforunately! When did the wave collection come out?
  3. I'm pretty sure it was spring 05 or 04, I can't remember but I know it sold out when it was in stores :sad:

  4. The pink wave demi pochette thing (lol don't know name) was what got me into Coach. I wish I had one..
  5. I love mine.. but I hardly use it, I'm so scared of the suede part in the middle. :sweatdrop:
  6. That bag is gorgeous!! I want one now...
  7. I really like that bag and the wave collection:yes:
  8. I'm pretty sure that its Spring '05 because that was right before the Macys that I shop at got a really pretty Coach department and my mom and I would drool over the wave tote that was in the glass counter that the Coach bags used to be in.
  9. Ohh man that bag is gorgeous!
  10. Ohhh...that's gorgeous!

    ETA: Where can you find this style now?
  11. You can't :/ Unless it pops up on ebay or something.