1. I just got measured today by my personal trainer.. and UGH! :hysteric: I was at 134 when he weighed me on June 26. Now I'm at 131 (7/19) and only down .5% body fat! I only lost 1.5 pounds of fat and the rest of the weight lost (which isn't even MUCH!!!) was lean body mass. My measurements are exactly the same too!


    I knew losing weight and getting fit would be HARD.. BUT!!! ARGH! I've been working out consistently, I've been having training sessions with him (who is AMAZING, so I can't even blame him! lol), and I've been trying to watch my diet. Yeah, I've slipped up a couple times (darn pizza) but aside from those few occasions, I've completely cut out junk food, fast food, sodas, alcohol, etc...

    I'm so frustrated because I only have another month to lose weight before I go back to school. I feel as though my results aren't matching up with my efforts.. like I've just been wasting my money/time/effort.. and all I have to show for it is a measly 3 pounds lost!!!!!!!!!!! (Last week I was at 128 and all of a sudden, jumped back to the 130s..)

    Honestly, I feel so down about this whole thing. I can just feel myself starting to get really obsessive about it. My mom is worried that I might get really unhealthy with this whole thing and start starving or something! And this is actually a valid concern because I have displayed symptoms of an eating disorder in the past... and I didn't want to get like that again which is why I signed up for the gym and personal training in the first place!

    Sorry for the long rant.. I just have no one else to yell at.. My mom is worried as it is; plus she wouldn't even really understand because she's always been thin (95 pounds!!). All my friends are effortlessly thin. My BF is not only skinny, but really athletic and healthy. I feel like I'm so alone in this! And all the girls I see at the gym are so freaking GORGEOUS! (lol I just had to throw that in there.. :P)
  2. i personally think that 3lbs loss is an achievement and reason to be happy. congratulations.
    it will come off but you must be patient. it is healthiest to looses 1-2 pounds a weeks. you started june 26, so see you are doing wonderful.
    now, you have to stay focused. no more cheating. this is a serious matter, well as serious as you want it to be.
    reevaluate what you are eating. remember portion control is the key. well balanced meal along with eating every 3 hours. the longer you stay without eating, eventually your metabolism will slow down.
    also reevaluate your exercise routine.
    change it around. if you are doing weights, ensure they are the correct weight.

    but most important of all, stay motivated and do not give up!!!!!
    you can do it!!!!!
  3. awww thanks so much doulosforhim!
    i guess I just thought i would lose more since other people have found such success! a lot of people have told me that i just need to tone up as opposed to lose a lot of fat/weight.. so maybe I should just focus on getting fit rather than concentrating on numbers and whatnot.

    thanks so much for your kind words!!! (and your tips are great!! my trainer says the EXACT same things! you know your stuff!)
  4. I'd just like to add that sometimes it takes awhile for your body to show the results of exercise and if you've gained some muscle you'll be burning more calories now! You're doing great, really. Plus you know those body fat measurements usually have some error built in, so you've probably lost less lean muscle than you think. Good for you for getting a trainer too.
  5. Oh yeah, and I have an effortlessly thin sister who loves fried foods! So I get that.
  6. Don't get ruled by the numbers, unless it makes you work harder. 1.5 lbs of fat and 1.5 lbs of muscle don't look the same so you should be happy. Girl, it's only been a month.

    It's good you cut out all the junk food, etc. It's a hard discipline but think about the goal in the end. and as what douls said, eating small portions every 3 hours will increase your metabolism. What you eat plays a big part too!

    You're doing great so far though... keep up the good work :jammin:
  7. Any weight loss is a step in the right direction so congrats!
    Sometimes you feel like you put in so much and really should be getting back more, but don't let that discourage you.
  8. Congrats to you! Losing weight, whether it be 2 or 50 lbs. is an achievement. Be patient and keep working hard!
  9. I agree with the others. Patience is a virtue, and slow progress is best - a lifestyle change means maintenance in the long run versus a quick fix where one might lose everything she worked so hard to achieve.

    Has your trainer mentioned the FIT(M) principle?
    F= frequency
    I = intensity
    T = time
    (M) = mode

    Manipulating any one of these variables can help speed up progress. Cardiovascular activity propels bodyfat loss. Whenever my clients have bodyfat to lose I progressively accelerate their cardiovascular activity by first manipulating frequency (days per week), then duration (time spent on the exercise) and finally intensity. Some trainers beleve too much cardio is a waste of time or immediately start their clients with short, interval triaining sessions. Interval training is great, but building aerobic capacity through steady state endurance activity is very important too. And cardiovascular activity is a must for weight loss.

    Edited to say that trainers only have so much time to work with clients so putting in extra time on your own might be something to consider.

  10. Are you over-dieting?

    If you try to eat too little whilst doing high levels of exercise, you can actually lose muscle; because you break it down during exercise and are not eating enough to allow your body to build it back up again.

    This has happened to me in the past, when I would starve myself whilst exercising aerobically for 5, or more, hours a week.

    Try eating normally, but healthily (ideally not takeaway Pizza!), one day in four and dieting the other three. This should stop your body going into starvation mode, when it 'panics' and tries to conserve fat.

    This starvation mode is why many poorer women in Africa, who survive on very few calories, still have a high body fat percentage.
  11. I actually wanted to add that losing 3 lbs of body fat in 1 month at your weight is a great achievement. You should be jumping for joy.

    Also I remember my HS coach telling us about weight training that the actual result of the workout shows gradually over the next two weeks. Keep it up and you'll lose more body fat in the next month!!!

    All I can say is: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    And you must makesure you eat enough protein!!!!
    And don't forget there is protein in vegetables too~