Ugh, so frustrated at SA!

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  1. So I called my local outlet store to find out when/if they were getting the legacy bags from '07. To make a long story short, they said they had satchels now so I jumped in my car and drove the 50 miles to the store to find out all they had were the small flap bags that they've had for like 2 months. I made sure when I called to say the '07 bags and the SA said yes. I let them know of my frustrations before I left. I wasnt mean about it at all and the girl was as nice as she could be,just saying shes sorry a few times but it just wasnt enough. The SA's are always nice but there has been more than one occasion where they didnt know where they were talking about. I just wished they were trained better.:shrugs:
  2. Unless other areas are different I don't believe any of the satchels from 07 will be in stores until this weekend at the earliest. Sorry you made such a trip for nothing!!! I'd be ticked off too!
  3. that's terrible, I would be ticked off also. I hope you do find it though later on to makeup up for all this. I was at the San Marcos outlet this weekend and they told me they can put you in a list for an item you want where they call you as soon as they get it in. Next time ask by style number.
  4. Yes, they will put you on the list for when a certain bag comes in. Be sure to give them the style number. I've found on several occasions the SAs in the outlets were not knowledgable about the products. But if you have the style number they will look it up and see if it's coming and put you on the list when it gets there. Sorry you had to drive that far!
  5. I am so sorry that you made such along drive for nothing! I would be just as mad as you were! I hope you find one soon!
  6. Maybe she was confused since it's the start of 2008 and she thought you were asking if they still had the collection from last year?
  7. I have found that some of the SA's in the outlets have no clue. When I called about a month ago looking for an Ergo Tote the SA who answered the phone had no idea what I was talking about. I described the bag and they said yes and when I got there I was told by another SA that they hadn't had any of those is a while.
  8. well technically, the last Legacy was still out in 07 up until like May or June, and they were in the Outlets in 07, so you can't be too mad.
  9. Well, the issue of 2007 aside it seems like they told her they had satchels when it was a small flap which is not the same bag regardless of year?

    Question: is it possible they had them in the back, but they weren't being put out for sale yet or that the girl was just wrong on both year and style?

    I agree with people ^^, give them the style number so they can look in system.
  10. It is a completely different bag though, not even close

  11. Yes it was still the wrong bag, and I asked was there anything else in the back and they said no. I also asked were they expected anything else this week and they said no.
  12. I will share with you an almost horror story from the outlet. When I found out I could get a new bag for chrismas, I called my outlet that I usually go to which is 1 hour and 1/2 away. It is a drive and it is not that easy to make the trip with the kids but I do, anyway, I called to see if they had a black Ali and they said they were getting a Black mandy in that week and quoted me a price of $215 so I was psyched and obsessing on this bag of course until I got it so a few days went by and they didn't call me so I called finally and asked if they could verify the price and they said that it was going to be over $300 like $330, which sounded more like what I expected but they also said they had a black leather Ali which is what I wanted originally so I told them I wanted to put them both on hold to see which one I wanted but thought that I really wanted the black Ali. So I was supposed to pick it up that following saturday , I was gong anyway with a friend without the kids but something told me to go up that thursday night ( I had a charge hold on the Ali so they were holding it for me for 2 weeks) so I went up and they had one (black leather Ali) on display in near perfect condition so the SA took the one they were holding for me on charge hold and it was damaged ! Which to me someone looked at this bag and said "this one looks like a good one to put on hold for someone" ??? no thought behind it at all because even the Sa was like "eww look at the back" so I knew it wasn't me just being "picky" so I tried on the Ali and the Mandy, took the Ali that I found on the display so I knew I made the right decision going up, otherwise I wouldn't have any other bags to pick from. So sorry for the long story. On my way home from the outlet, I called my dad and told him about my bag and if he was looking for a nice gift for hi gf, since it was their first xmas together he said "do you think she would like it and do they have any in black " I told him no but to look the whisky up online and if he liked that to call and ask if they can put it on hold so he put a black signature and a whiskey on hold and since I was going up on saturday anyway I would pick them up. So Saturday came and I went there, wanted to check out the bags and the whiskey looked beautiful and the sig just didn't seem appropriate for her so I wanted the whiskey but was looking around more, as I had a lot of shopping to do for him for other people etc etc. So all of a sudden I look at the display and the SA put my whiskey back out on the floor !!!! So I grabbed it and they were like oh well. So at that point I asked if they had anymore and she pulled one from the back that was 2 toned and not attractive at all which is what I would have been stuck with after a 1 and 1/2 hour drive I wouldn't have bought that one but it shows that some times to us the customer these things are a big deal, it takes great effort to get to these places and to some people on the other end it is just like "oh well"
  13. ^^ A similar thing happen to me as well on another incident with that outlet. And if I remember right you go to the same outlet as I do. They just need to straighten up there act, especially since their are so many other outlets in this area.
  14. Yes and to top it all off, one of the SAs told me to use the cleaner and moisturizer on my legacy bag. But to their credit, it was probably seasonal help and they were very nice to me when I went, I didn't get the "snobby" attitude that I get at some other coach places and there are a few SAs there that definitely went out of their way to be very accomodating. One in particular called me both times a bag I was looking for came in and the first time it was well past the 30 days. I should also add that I was a super PITA and called like every day but I think sometimes that is what you have to do to get what you want because as much as we like to think we should be or are very important, we are just one of thousands of customers so things are bound to slip through the cracks. I will still continue to shop there because I think it is the best outlet and they are always really nice to me and put up with my kids when I bring them in too !
  15. Yikes I would have been very upset. I might go to my outlet this weekend and try to get a legacy.