1. i've lurked here tons--and thanks to all the lovely ladies who post on the eBay finds thread, i got my toaster bag!!!

    here's the thing (and i did post a question in the eBay forum)... she clearly covered a little problem it has at the base of one of the handles in all her photos. it's missing a rivet which in turn has made the threads loose. she didn't mention it in the description.

    i don't want to send it back! i love it!! has anyone ever had a rivet replaced? what's that usually cost? i'm sure it's different everywhere...

    i'm not sure how to handle it with the seller. she clearly misrepresented it in the listing. i feel like i should go get an estimate and send her the bill!

    here's the listing:
  2. MJ will do it for you free of charge. There was just a post about it recently. I broke the frame on one of my stams and sent it back last weekend. The repair is done as a comp. service as far as I know.:heart:
  3. i think this bag is from from skimming the responses, i guess it's a no-go through mj.
  4. ooops, I didn' t realize. Hmmmmmmm. IDK:confused1:
  5. Maybe try to take it to your local shoe repair shop! Those guys can do wonders for handbags!
  6. I've heard of people having a jeweler replace it for a reasonable amount. Good luck!
  7. i emailed her and she emailed back offering a FIVE DOLLAR refund. 5 bucks?! please. that won't cover the gas to get to the shoe repair place.

    i guess i just take it and suck it up b/c it's a great bag?
  8. eaw1 - If MJ won't do it for you, take it to your cobbler and see if he can find a rivet for it. My cobbler couldn't find one, but I have a feeling it was more that he didn't want to than he couldn't. But a good shoe guy/cobbler should be able to help you out. Good luck! I'm glad you got your toaster bag!
  9. Personally, I would counter offer. Five dollars is almost an insult. How much would you have bid/paid if the damage was mentioned in the listing? If anything I believe a reasonable refund for undisclosed damage is around 10%.
  10. Congrats on getting your dream bag!! I agree with you about her misrepresentation of the bag, however did you ask her for more pictures than that one that's provided? I'm neurotic I'm too scared to ever bid on a listing with one picture. That's a red flag for me.

  11. there were actually 10 pics-
    i looked closer and you can see threads in one of them, but she didn't mention it.
    oh well. i love it anyway...
    so pretty!! light blue suede lining! it's really pristine--

    i called the mj store in boston and one of the SAs is going to email me back when he checks to see what they can do.
  12. ooh i see now