Ugh, so annoyed...

  1. Has this ever happened to anyone? I am in Boston visiting my BF, and I wake up this morning and one of my contacts has disappeared.. now im here with just one contact, cant really see that much.. and I just have my geeky glasses.. :crybaby:And of course I forgot to pack extra:cursing:

    Its like it just vanished, I remember putting them both in the case and now theyre gone, ugh I dont wanna go out.

    Sorry, had to vent, has anything like this ever happened to anyone? Or other vacation disasters? Thanks
  2. Yup, my husband and I were driving from Penn State to his parents' home in Allentown, where I would finally meet them for the first time. On the way there, I rubbed my eyes and ended up tearing one of my contacts! I didn't pack any extras nor did I pack my eyeglasses, and I didn't want to meet them looking all squinty! (I have really bad vision...) Anyways, my husband was kind enough to call his secretary who called all the Allentown eye doctors and found one that would be able to supply me a spare set of contacts.

    But that happens all the time to me, where I wake up and can't find one of my contacts...usually it's stuck to the top of the case or I dropped it on the floor and by the time I figure it out, the contact is rock solid. :sad:
  3. oh I know.. Ive def had the ripped contact syndrome also... This is seriously making me want laser surgery.
  4. Yup its happened to me...I'd go crazy looking for it, and its dried up and glued to my annoying
  5. ahhh! I seriously have nightmares about what you are describing...going on trips and forgetting to pack something or haphazardly losing necessities...the thought just freaks me out!!! :shocked: and losing a contact? that is the worst.... :sad:
  6. yes, it happened, i ended up fo 3 days vacation wearing one contact only and things get blurry because i don't bring my glasses and can't find stores that sells contacts.
  7. Never happened to me! Don't wear contacts, just geeky glasses...and I don't even wear those half of the time, lol
  8. Yes I've been there, get to a eyecare store asap, usually the store will give you a trial contact for free if you're nice. I've had to do that before. It's the pits.
  9. That exact thing happened to me a couple of months ago! I could've sworn I put both contacts in the case and when I went to use them the next day, only one contact was there! I've been wearing contacts for 20 years and I've never lost one, so I was like :wtf: ! Long story short, it was over a year since I last had my eyes examined so I couldn't just order a replacement. I had to go through the whole exam thing. I now have the ones that you toss after two weeks. This way, If I do lose one, I have a ton of replacements. But, I hope to God I don't lose another one.
  10. ^^omg, So I just called my contact place in NY and had them call the place in Boston and was back and forth back and forth on the phone, and I couldnt get a trial pair or even purchase a whole box (that I didnt even need) because it had been a year since my last appointment. Ill just wear the glasses and try to hide myself when we're in public, ugh..

    How can one contact just vanish?!
  11. Ouch. Tough luck. Where could it have possibly gone?

    One time, I was taking my contact out, and the phone rang for me so I hurried off to get it, thinking the contact was still in my eye..and I talked on the phone for like 10 min before realising part of my vision was blurry..I found my contact on the floor all dried up in a was gross. It was fine after I washed it though.
  12. yup! and never have i EVER forgot to pack extra!
  13. lol...Once I drove all the way from Oklahoma City to Dallas at night when my contacts where reeeeeeeeeally irritating my eyes, yes, it sucked.
  14. Did you re-use that contact though? :wtf: Wow. You're a brave soul. I always end up throwing away my contacts that I drop anywhere else but the sink :push:

    I don't pack extras, but I always bring along my glasses, which I sometimes wear out anyway, so I don't think I'd be as affected if I happen to drop one of my contacts when I'm on hols.

    That said, I'm def bringing an extra pair when I go to Italy at the end of the month, just in case I've just jinxed myself. :p
  15. I always have an extra set of contacts in my purse and I always have a couple of extra sets in my bags when I way would I let contacts wreck the day!