ugh, sniping services!!!

  1. ok, I know a lot of people use snipers but I am just venting for myself right now since I lost the Keri sunglasses with 12,yes *12* seconds left to the auction!!! :sad::yucky: Makes me sooo mad!!! But lucky for the new ebayer who won them! *sigh* hopefully I'll win the other pair I bid on or it's back to the 'bidding board' or wait with fingers crossed that I get a PCE card this time and actually ORDER a pair! :tup:

  2. I'm sorry :0(

    I tried the Keri glasses on at the boutique this past weekend and they were just so cute.
  3. ^ I always hate it when that happens, but I've done the same thing myself. I hate to bid early b/c it only drives the price up so I always wait til the last minute. Sometimes I don't realize it's about to end and I miss out totally though (I chalk it up to karma). I hope you get a pair!
  4. Yeah sorry to hear that, but thats why people bid on things, thats just how the whole eBay process works.....
  5. Try using a sniper service yourself. I use and love it. I know I only loose if someone is willing to pay more than me. I have my snipes set to bid at 7 sec FYI. You get like 5 free one to try it out. I have been doing it forever. As a seller I would hate it but as a buyer I love it
  6. Thanks for your sympathies, lol! I'm not complaining about the sniper service per se or those who actually use them, I'm just whining for myself, lol! By the time I got that I was outbid and tried to re-enter a bid, the auction was over! :sad: I don't do much buying on eBay and I don't sell so I don't know if it's worth signing up for a sniper service. I always feel like it was meant to be or not meant to be if I win something! I just keep on trying or buy them outright. I usually only put in one high bid, the price I'm willing to go for and then leave it but it was soooo close, I could almost feel myself wearing those sunnies, lmao!

  7. Tha'ts why I bid my highest and only amount at the last like 4 seconds and I don't use those sniper things.
  8. That's what I do. I never increase the bid by the minimum, I'll bid it as high as I want to go and 99% of the time, I'll get it for way under what I bid. Even the sniper can't catch up on that because they bid small increments at a time. They have NO idea what my maximum bid is.
  9. I'm so sorry!! I have to admit I'm definitely a sniper... I use esnipe, and it's saved my butt so many times. I used to sit, wait, and bid in the last seconds. However, after having had my internet connection go down on me, I never do that anymore. I know what it feels like to lose something that you want really bad, but I'm sure you will have another chance. I hope you get them even cheaper than you would have in this auction!!
  10. Wow, Ive never even heard of sniper services- thats crazy!
  11. I feel your pain, I was watching a wallet last week(should have just hit the BIN but didnt) and of course I sat as the highest bidder until 5 hours before... ARGH

    Then this week I have been watching another watch for 4 days(7 day auction) 3 days left I thought I'll just start the bidding ... right away another bid! ARGH..

    I swear someone is following me around and watching what im bidding.

  12. I don't think it helps to bid days before it ends. It's just asking for others to bid and for the price to get jacked up.

    I think it's always best to bid in the last 10 or some minutes. That way you don't jack up the price by bidding mulitple times.

    Also, even if you bid say 3 days before and put in your highest price... the other bidders come through and start bidding and bidding til the get over your bid and that makes the price so high that in the end you don't want it anymore... KWIM?

    I just don't see a point in bidding more than 5 or so minutes before it ends.
  13. ^^ No I dont put my highest bid in, I started the bidding I see that others have bid so now i'll wait until the end.

    In any event I found what I was looking for with a BIN and snagged it :biggrin:
  14. With a dial-up connection (the only thing available where I live), a sniping service is the only chance I have of winning an auction! I have used a sniping service before (until I swore off eBay).
  15. Sniping services don't cost anything to try most give you like 5 free. Then they are cheap like about .25 - .50 a snipe. You tell them your highest amount and they bid it in the last secounds. Ii never have to sit at my computer and watch acuctions I set my snipes and then check back whne I get time